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The Joe Marcos Baseball Field awaits for the team to play in Spring 2022

Highstreet Leaves and Coach Reyes Takes Over Baseball Team

Adrie Villa September 15, 2021

Don Lugo hires a new baseball coach, Mr. Michael Reyes, is the 4th new coach for the baseball program in past 6 years. Previous varsity coach, Eric Highstreet leaves his 3-year head coaching position at...

Close-up shot of soccer player dribbling through cones. (Photo courtesy of

Don Lugo resumes conditioning & practice for Fall sports

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter February 3, 2021

As many may know conditioning and practicing was put on hold for all football players right before Christmas break. There has been little to no hope left for football and the rest of Fall sports if they...

Soccer player holding ice bag on knee after getting injured.

Student athletes coping with injuries

Kyla Rose, Sports Reporter February 3, 2021

Being an athlete and coping with an injury not only can take a huge toll on your body but also on your mental health as well. When hurt, young athletes must learn to listen to their bodies as it goes through...

Kathryn Plummer (Top), Kelly Slater (Middle), Sierra Romero (Bottom), all three pro-athletes in which many look up to today.

How student athletes are influenced by pro-athletes

Kyla Rose, Sports Reporter January 25, 2021

For as long as we can remember we've always had someone we looked up to and admired, possibly be to even be like one day.  They could be a famous celebrity, a family member, or even and professional athlete....

Picture of Don Lugo football game from he stands. (Photo Courtesy of Dylan Young)

How our city contributes to High School Sports

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter January 25, 2021

Our City contributes to our school districts in many ways, one important group is our Chino Police Department. They arrange security during school sports events. This is planned to meet expectations for...

Don Lugo wrestling team gathered around track field.  Don Lugo wrestling had just got done with their wrestling tournament. Lulu states

What Don Lugo wrestlers are doing to stay in shape

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter January 22, 2021

One sport that hasn't been talked about that much is wrestling and what they are trying to do during these hard times to stay fit and active. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports there is in high school,...

Student athletes Covid-19 update

Kyla Rose, Sports Reporter January 19, 2021

As of January 12, 2021 CIF has come out with the new modifications to the Covid-19 education-based athletes guidelines. When fall sports was still in phase 1...  spring sports was then notified to then...

Max Cantos dropping in on a wave. The waves were very bad that day according to Max.

A noncompetitive replacement for high school sports

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter January 15, 2021

As we know there are many student athletes in high school that play competitive sports, with sports ranging from golf to football, there is always a lot of students who participate in these sports. However...

A club volleyball rolling on court. Club tends to stay more important to many. Paul McNaughton quotes

Club Sports vs. High School Sports

Kyla Rose, Sports Reporter January 13, 2021

Moving into second semester quickly, with no sign of Fall sports starting up, student athletes have found other ways to continue playing their sport and staying active. The alternative route athletes use...

Greg Gano at Damien Highschool Coaching. Damien Highschool had just started conditioning. Gano states

Greg Gano, Head Coach of Don Lugo Football and Softball

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter December 11, 2020

Greg Gano, a long term sports coach, arrived at Don Lugo high school in 2015. Coach Gano has been coaching football for many years and has gone to a variety of different schools over time. Forming Don...

Basketball laying still on lightly dimmed court. (Photo courtesy of Thomas Northcut)

Spring sports gets “green light” to start conditioning

Kyla Rose, Sports Reporter December 9, 2020

With Fall season sports still in Phase 1 of conditioning student athletes who play in the Spring were doubtful of their upcoming season. So far for the past month and a half Fall season strictly sticks...

Robert Wigod informs athletes and parents of upcoming events for sports in new press release from CIF - Southern Section website. (Photo Courtesy of

UPDATE: Fall Sports Yet to Have Specific Return Date

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor December 4, 2020

On October 18th of this year, CVUSD was given the "green light" to start falls ports and begin conditioning. Since then, numbers of COVID-19 cases got worse in California and many students and staff were...

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