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The album cover of J.Coles album Might Delete Later where the song 7 Minute Drill is featured.
J. Cole Apologizes After Dissing Kendrick Lamar in 7 Minute Drill
Michael Vaca, News Writer • April 18, 2024

J.Cole released a diss track following Kendrick Lamar's diss toward Drake and J. Cole in a feature song called "Like That," but J.Cole recently...

Devils Canyon, San Bernardino California. Many hikers who like more challenging terrain hike through the canyon.
Body Found in San Bernardino
Jae Herrera, News Writer • April 18, 2024

On Saturday, April 14th, a plane crashed in the San Bernardino mountains. The Federal Aviation Administration stated that the plane was a twin-engine...

Ruby Franke and her family.
Ruby Franke Convicted with 4 Counts of Aggravated Child Abuse
Sam Konno, News Writer • April 18, 2024

Ruby Franke, a mother of 6, and a family blogger, was convicted with 4 counts of aggravated child abuse in December of 2023. Franke's therapist,...

The Rising Popularity of Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Logo
Andrea Soto
Fantasy Football Logo

 Fantasy football is a market worth 9.48 billion U.S dollars in 2022. This fantasy sport is played by over 11 million players worldwide, mostly being middle aged men. Fantasy football started on the 7th of this month for their 60th year.

It’s all thanks to Bill Winkenbach from Oakland California a part owner of the Oakland Raiders team who started fantasy football. He and some friends gathered in a hotel in NYC in August of 1963 for their first fantasy football game. Their team was called the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League(GOPPPL). Mr. Winkenbach and his friends made the rules which we still go off of today although they vary with which league you play with.

A league usually consists of 10 or 12 players. Steve Valenzuela states, “I have played in a league of 11 other players for about 10 years, and I plan to keep on playing.” The players start drafting their football players a week before the NFL season begins. Each player is able to pick a quarterback, one or two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a flex, a kicker, and a team defense. They do this fairly so that no one gets all the good players, by using a tactic called “snake draft” where they take turns picking a player. In order to win the players have to rack up the most points. One gets points based on the performance of their football players. The amount of points you can get for instance on a touchdown or for passing touchdowns,  25 yards passing, yards or a field goal can differentiate based on what fantasy football league you play with. Winners of their league usually get a trophy ring or a plaque and money.

As the years go on Fantasy Football is getting more and more popular. So there is more of a competition for the 1st place title.  This year the number one pick for Fantasy football was Johnathan Taylor from the Minnesota Vikings with him ranking No 1 in the league. He has shown improvement every year since his rookie season, from ranking No 3 last year to No 1 this year. Miguel Soto states, “ After doing my research on the football players this year I wasn’t surprised to see Taylor being ranked number 1. I mean he is in his prime. Everyone in my league wanted him as one of their players when we were choosing who we wanted, sadly I wasn’t able to get him.”

Not only is fantasy football fun for the billions of people who play it, it also helps the NFL by promoting it. Fantasy football helped the NFL to gain new viewers and fans who were previously not interested. They can now be active in the sport with others helping to promote the NFL overall.

Many people think that fantasy football is just a game when it is so much more than that. It is about predictions, observing and researching. On the outside it might seem easy, but this million dollar revenue is so much more than that.


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Andrea Soto
Andrea Soto, Sports Editor
Andrea Soto is currently a sophomore in high school at Don Antonio Lugo. This is her first year in Journalism, and she is very excited to start writing about sports. She is a student athlete playing goalie on the girl's water polo team. She is interested in learning more about different sports and the rules about them. In her free time, she likes to read, go on walks with her dogs, and listen to 80s music specifically on Spotify. Her personal favorite movie/TV show is “Peanuts” and her favorite color is yellow.

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