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Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

Raquel Arroyo, Features Reporter April 12, 2021

The freshmen orientation for the class of 2024 was held March 18th and March 19th from nine to eleven am for both cohorts, A and B. Many of the students were excited to finally be on campus for the first...

Covid-19 Updates

March 21, 2021

Chino Valley Unified School District meeting room with the board which was used for an emergency meeting.

BREAKING NEWS: CVUSD Board gives possible dates for returning to in person learning

Jazmine Coto and Camila Aguero-Salas February 19, 2021

The CVUSD Board of Education held a meeting on February 18, 2021 to discuss the return of in person learning. After much discussion, the board is actively considering giving the okay in allowing students...

Photo of Chino Valley Unified School District logo. School board holds meeting as they discuss possible return dates for schools to return back on campus.

CVUSD Board discuss a return back to campus

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor February 5, 2021

With this school year being quite bizarre to say the least, many parents have had multiple stances on the unforeseen future throughout the school year. From approving sports to come back for conditioning...

A student is using a small paper of notes to cheat on an exam.

How online learning has made cheating easier

Jazmine Coto, News Reporter February 4, 2021

Students have increasingly been adapting to remote online learning however, so have their cheating abilities. Students have always been told that ‘Knowledge is power’ but in order to obtain the power...

President Biden being sworn in as president in office. (Photo Courtesy of

President Biden Introduces New Vaccine Plan

Gary Garcia, Sports Reporter January 29, 2021

Starting a presidency with an ongoing pandemic isn't always an ideal situation. Although the time is very unprecedented, the President seems to be making efficient changes that loom too benefit the health...

The Don Lugo counselor website with videos that offer students mental health exercises and different ways to relieve their stress.

Don Lugo counselors provide students with mental health resources and exercises to get them through the COVID-19 pandemic

Jazmine Coto, News Reporter January 27, 2021

Don Lugo counselors have created a new website with informational resources that help aid the mental health of students. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the mental health of students...

A spreadsheet of empty portrait photos that are yet to be filled with student pictures. (Photo courtesy: Camila Aguero- Salas)

Students are given another option for their yearbook pictures due to a decrease in participation in this years yearbook

Jazmine Coto, News Reporter January 20, 2021

The feeling of disconnectivity in virtual learning is mutual among Don Lugos students. Resulting in the yearbook staff having to witness a large decrease in student participation in this years 2020-2021...

CIF's released statement on the update for Fall Sports (1st page) Photo Courtesy of cifss (Instagram)

CIF Cancels Playoffs for Fall Sports

Gary Garcia, Sports Reporter January 19, 2021

CIF has updated their plans for the 2020-2021 sports seasons in a recent statement by the CIF's board of commissioners. With COVID cases rising since their last update on December 12, 2020, CIF announces...

Viviana Cabrera, a junior at Don Lugo in a zoom call after switching to blended learning for the second semester.

Don Lugo students switch to blended learning after feeling disconnected to their high school in distance learning

Jazmine Coto, News Reporter January 13, 2021

During the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year the future was unknown. Many parents chose to have their children enlist in distance learning to ease their minds with the Coronavirus pandemic being fairly...

Covid-19 vaccine illustration of doctor with vaccine vial. Credits to Isparmo on Getty Images.

The Requirements and who gets Vaccinated First for Covid-19

Megan Robinson January 11, 2021

“The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as large enough quantities of vaccine are available." - CDC  Scientists have been working hard around the clock for...

Drive-Thru Logo symbolizing there is a drive-thru nearby. Often Drive-Thru logos are a sign of fast food restaurants to get your food in a hurry and effectively, however with new guidelines regarding COVID more and more companies other than the food industry are taking part in creating a drive-thru method for consumers to get their desired items while staying safe with CDC guidelines.

Don Lugo adapts to COVID-19 protocol with Drive-Thru Picture Day

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor December 10, 2020

With COVID taking students out of classrooms to maintain social distancing, many key school events would be changed as well. Events like rallies, sporting events, and a parents' favorite, picture day would...

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