"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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Image made by Coyne Altamirano on the Canva webstie.

Don Lugo food drive

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter November 17, 2022

Don Lugo recently held a thanksgiving food drive at the school! This is a yearly event managed by Renaissance where students and staff are encouraged to donate food for community food baskets going to...

Senior prepares to apply for the FAFSA. I would recommend going to a workshop or asking counselors for help if you can., says Coyne Altamirano.

Seniors, it’s time to fill out the FAFSA application

Erika Hernandez, Managing Editor November 10, 2022

Multiple questions have been arising as the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Students Aid) applications have opened. Many seniors may ask themselves why the FAFSA is important or if it’s even worth...

Screenshot taken of the survey sent out to seniors to decide where the senior field trip will take place in.

Knott’s Berry Farm vs Six Flags

Denzel Valle, News Reporter November 9, 2022

With the senior survey coming out asking seniors whether they want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm or Six Flags for their senior field trip, it's important to look at the pros and cons of each. Here are...

Photo of November on the calendar

Issues brought to light this month

Archer Hasson, News Reporter November 9, 2022

The November month has many awareness months such as Native American Heritage Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, and National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. Knowing that, we can bring awareness to the topics...

Photo of the location where the car crash happened.

Google Maps, 2022. Chino Street: 1:1.500. Google Maps [online] Available through: Google Maps [Accessed 3 November 2022].

Car crash on Pipeline Avenue

Archer Hasson, News Reporter November 3, 2022

On Tuesday, October 17, there was a car crash on Pipeline Avenue that involved two cars bringing two different groups of students to Don Lugo. The crash itself had three different cars involved, and the...

Picture of the dance rooms renovation progress so far.

Dance room renovations

Bee Lara, News Editor October 28, 2022

If you’ve passed by the dance room on campus, you might’ve noticed a few cars parked around it and wondered why they’re there. Well, it’s because the dance room is getting renovations! Due to this,...

Close up picture of Mr. Crisafi handing a student a Lugo coin.

New Lugo coin rewards

Bee Lara, News Editor October 26, 2022

Lugo coins have been a system of rewards for students in Don Lugo since the 2019-2020 school year. Recently, the rewards for said Lugo coins have changed and are still subject to change. PBIS coordinator,...

This is what the school lunch look like at Don Lugo High School

Why school lunch has changed

Mia Ramirez, News Reporter October 25, 2022

  Every day, students are able to eat lunch provided by the school during their lunch break. You might have noticed that school lunch has changed, this is because students have to eat healthy foods...

Its just to help keep you guys safe 
Image created by Coyne Altamirano

Rumors of mass drug dog bust debunked

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter October 20, 2022

Rumors have been circulating in Lugo that there was a mass of students found with drugs by the detection dogs, but these rumors have been found false. While it is true that our school is visited by these...

Photo of Leah OBrien-Amico(graduated 1992) with Mrs. Rigo-Witt(alumni, graduated 1996)

Three-time Olympic gold medalist visits Don Lugo

Archer Hasson, News Reporter October 14, 2022

Leah O'Brien-Amico visited Don Lugo on Oct. 5 to encourage students to get good grades, to pursue what you love, and to succeed in life. O'Brien-Amico is a three-time national champion, two-time world...

Students and parents attending our 2022 college fair

College Fair’s visit to Don Lugo

Zander Reedy, Photographer October 13, 2022

Monday, October 10th, Don Lugo High School held the annual College Fair to help seniors with their college applications and decisions. Now why should you go to some boring college event when you do not...

Wall of different skate decks available in the shop.

New skate shop in Chino

Logan Hugo, News Reporter October 11, 2022

Have you heard of the new skate shop in Chino? Probably not because they haven't had a sign for their store for the 4 months that they have been open for. No need to worry though, because it is easier...

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