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Student receives late slip.
If students are late they lose valuable education, said Mr. Conacher.

Tardies hit an all time high

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter November 10, 2021

With the new addition of school starting at 7:20 am instead of 7:30 am the tardies have increased with a record high. Students have up to 17 tardies from the last 84 days since school has started. There...

School District Board Meeting to decide what to spend the Esser III funding on. If we want to be a 21st century district we should be making technology investments said Vice President Christina Gagnier

CVUSD Board discusses how they plan to budget for Esser III

Matthew Statler, Tech Reporter October 26, 2021

At the CVUSD board meeting held on October 26, the topic of discussion is how the school district will plan to spend the money that they are applying for as part of the Esser III plan. The Esser III plan...

Many parents and community members take their seats awaiting the commence of the CVUSD board meeting. The School Board meetings are usually held at the district office, with the exception of October 21 when the meeting was held in Don Lugos MPR. Yea, well keep our kids home from school, and well keep our $14,00..., says Virginia Renteria, community member.

CVUSD Board Meeting hosts community members advocating against the student vaccine mandate

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer October 21, 2021

Unlike regular Chino Valley Unified School District School Board meetings held at the district office, the meeting for October 21, 2021, was held in the Multi-Purpose Room at Don Lugo. Though the meeting...

The carnage of pumpkins left over from the students that snuck on campus. We had to learn to work slightly harder and make sure to sell everything to make up for the lost profit, said Sophia Vazquez.

BREAKING NEWS: The great pumpkin massacre leaves FFA students devastated

Jazmine Coto and David Fender October 20, 2021

On the early morning of Sunday October 17th, four unknown students broke into the Don Lugo Farm and destroyed 40 pumpkins that were grown by the advanced floriculture class. These pumpkins were to be used...

Parents and students protesting the vaccine mandate. It should be our choice, says Emily Baucher

BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine Mandate Protest caused 3 times more absences

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter October 19, 2021

On this Monday, October 18, a statewide sit out was organized for those in opposition of the vaccine mandate. A protest was also held the same day at Chino Valley Unified School District. There were triple...

Dylan Young is calling a play to the offense. Practices having been feeling a lot better after winning a game because we know what works now and what doesnt, said Anthony Randazzo.

Football’s big win and how it benefits the future

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter October 13, 2021

You may or may not know but last Friday, October 8, Don Lugo Football picked up their first win of the season. They faced South Hills at the Covina District field and played very well after going through...

The Don Lugo Robotics Team stands next to the T-shirt cannon. This special robot is displayed during events such as football games where T-shirts are launched toward students in the audience. This year we are working on rebuilding the T-shirt launcher, says Mr. Engstrom.

New and improved t-shirt cannon debuts at Milkcan with the help of the robotics club

David Fender, News Reporter October 8, 2021

During the Milkcan game the club unveiled the newly redesigned t-shirt cannon robot that was worked on by many of the new members of the robotics club. Don Lugo Robotics is a club on campus that has a...

Informational flyers about different colleges and universities displayed on the table with college pennants hung on the wall above them. I promised that when I became a teacher, I would make sure that any seniors I had wouldnt go through the same experiences I did, shared Mrs. Deming.

‘LuGO to college’ prepares seniors for the upcoming months of application deadlines

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor September 28, 2021

With application deadlines right around the corner, ‘LuGO to college’ will provide seniors with extra support to help them through the application process. It will also help students to create a plan...

A list of some of the prizes you can get when you collect your Lugo coins. I will start collecting all my Lugo Coins so that I can start getting prizes, said Jade Galan.

The continuous reinforcement of Lugo coins motivates students to strive for a prize

Isabella Franco, News Reporter September 28, 2021

Lugo coins are a fun way for students to earn incentives for being respectful, responsible, and involved. The Lugo coin program first started during the 2020-2021 school year, which many underclassmen...

Report Card represents a senior at Don Lugo that is struggling in AP English, Stats, and Gov and the teacher suggests tutoring. I think it will help the school have higher average grades since it allows students a place to work and ask questions, said Mathew.

Renaissance is offering tutoring in all academic subjects

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter September 27, 2021

Renaissance is currently offering tutoring to all Don Lugo students and understands the struggle of taking hard classes. Academics are becoming a continuous strain on student’s minds, additional help...

Don Lugo boys water polo team playing one of their non-league games as they prepare for the season. We are striving to get better as a team and make a comeback on our season, says Erik Valle, 11

With the return of injured players, the water polo team aims for CIF rings

Isabella Franco, News Reporter September 24, 2021

The Don Lugo water polo team are looking to come back stronger than they did last year and are excited for the return of some of their injured players.  The team practices every week for about 2 and...

Don Lugos varsity football team is running out of the tunnel at a game. You  cant coach effort, and te players got to make the plays, Coach Kim said.

The entire division of football has a noticeable trend of losses

David Fender, News Reporter September 23, 2021

In the wake of the football teams losing streak, it is important to acknowledge that Don Lugo's football team is not the only team with more losses than wins. The entire division is 4-14 for wins with...

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