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Has Celebrity Obsession Gone Too Far?

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer May 11, 2024

In this new age of social media, fans are exposed to celebrities more than ever. Now, at the click of a button, you can easily see what your favorite celebrity had for dinner or wore to an award show....

Don Lugos Girls Flag Football Team during a scrimmage game against Chino High School.

Don Lugo’s Girls Flag Football

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer April 24, 2024

For the first time in Don Lugo’s history, there is a Girl’s Flag Football team! The team officially kicked off in early April with their scrimmage against Chino High School.  Last year, there was...

This photo under the Creative Commons License. A photo of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

What Is Going On With Kate Middleton?

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer March 21, 2024

As everyone knows, nothing is more interesting than drama concerning a royal family, especially when it comes from the United Kingdom. Recently, there has been a growing concern about the whereabouts and...

The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards hosted in Los Angeles.
This photo is under the Creative Commons license.

The Golden Globes: Comedy or Cruelty

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer January 17, 2024

The 81st Golden Globes occurred on Sunday, January 7th and everyone was talking about it- but not for the reasons you may think. The star-studded event was hosted by comedian and actor Jo Koy. While award...

The Wish You Well Club making friendship bracelets during a meeting.

Don Lugo’s Wish You Well Club

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer November 17, 2023

The Wish You Well Club has made its debut on Don Lugo’s campus! The new club focuses on mental health and creating safe spaces for all students. The club was founded by Melissa Rocha, a senior scholar...

This is a photo of a media consumer watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The Rise And Fall And Rise (Again) Of Reality Shows

Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer October 19, 2023

When researched, Dictionary.com defines reality shows as “a television show in which members of the public or celebrities are filmed living their everyday lives or undertaking specific challenges.”...

Writers guild members strike at picket line. This photo is under the creative commons usage licence.

After Almost Five Months the WGA Strike Comes to an End

Natalie Garcia, Broadcast Editor-In-Chief October 4, 2023

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) is a labor union formed in 1954 meant to protect the rights of writers. For 148 days, the WGA has been on strike, due to the overworked and underpaid treatment of these...

Our newest school counselor Ms.Hernandez ready to help!

A Conversation With Our New School Counselor, Ms. Hernandez

Marcos Ramirez, Features Writer September 27, 2023

We all need help sometimes. Whether you’re rich, poor or somewhere inbetween, you're going to need assistance at some point in your life. As high school students, we need all the help we can get. A high...

Don Lugo Spiritleaders cheering on the crowd, loud and proud.

Persevering Through All Odds: The Don Lugo Cheer Team

Julia Zelaya, Commentary Writer September 21, 2023

The biggest football game of the year, Milkcan, happened last Friday at Don Lugo. While the football team was aggressively playing and scoring touchdowns, the Don Lugo Cheer Team was on the sidelines cheering,...

Fantasy Football Logo

The Rising Popularity of Fantasy Football

Andrea Soto, Sports Editor September 15, 2023

 Fantasy football is a market worth 9.48 billion U.S dollars in 2022. This fantasy sport is played by over 11 million players worldwide, mostly being middle aged men. Fantasy football started on the 7th...

Three out of the other hundreds of shows Netflix has cancelled.

The Netflix Effect

Orion Caballero, News Reporter April 26, 2023

Another day, another cancellation or at least, that’s how it’s starting to feel when it comes to Netflix. Having culled the likes of Sense8, The OA, Santa Clarita Diet and Altered Carbon in recent...

A Deep Dive on the Fitness Industry

A Deep Dive on the Fitness Industry

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2023

Introduction The largest growing industry in America is revolving around fitness influencers and brands that seem to have sprung out of nowhere. In 2020 everyone was locked indoors and mental health...

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