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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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The balance between sports and academics is a hard job for student-athletes.

Does society and peer pressure affect student-athletes’ view on their studies?

Brooke Graves, News Reporter September 30, 2022

The grading system across the world determines the traction of most students' lives after high school. Whether you have an A or an F, a 4 or a 1 or maybe you go to a school where they don’t use grades,...

The front of Don Lugo High School; Front of the office where students will be able to meet school staff and counselors

Are Schools Holding Assailants Accountable?

Brooke Graves, News Reporter September 30, 2022

Bullying, sexual harassment, and racism are all things that occur at schools across the nation. The problem is these topics are often covered up, never to be heard again. Zero tolerance policy, open door...

Notice the difference between the students and teacher: Mrs. Deming is instructing the class without a mask whereas some of her students are deciding to wear one. This shows how the mask mandate has currently been lifted, and therefore students and teachers can choose whether or not they want to wear one.

Hitting the one year mark of the return to school after Covid-19

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor March 24, 2022

Think back to March 24, 2021. Does that date ring a bell? How about March 25, 2021? Coming back to school last year was surely an important stepping stone, given that our school was shut down for nearly...

One of Don Lugos many grade checks taken home students used for sports, field trips or any personal needs. This grade check in particular seems to be not all that bad but the grades are not as high as needed or should be.

There is widespread apathy among students of all grade levels

Kyla Rose, Features Editor March 20, 2022

As the school year is slowly coming to an end and the curtains are beginning to close, we are noticing a pattern of apathy from across all grade levels. Grades are dropping, motivation is dwindling, and...

During their games, Coach Alex intently watches her travel team, SOCAL HEAT,  ensuring that she helps every player on the court to compete at the next level. I feel very accomplished to be the female voice in a male-dominated sport like basketball.

Coach Alex is defying the odds as a FEMALE basketball coach for a MALE team

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor January 28, 2022

Coach Alex is strong, dedicated, and knowledgeable about the game of basketball. As a coach, she emphasizes to her players the importance of passion, hustle, and hard work every day. Coach Alex is currently...

Isaiah Yoguez is positioned right at the free throw line, hoping to make the next basket to help his team win.  Luke Kemble, #5, is looking at Yoguez as he stands on the lane line ready to grab the rebound.

Lugo Basketball bouncing back from COVID to dominate in league

Isabella Franco, News Reporter January 24, 2022

It wasn’t looking like a solid start for the boys basketball team during the last week of preseason. Going into the first game of league the boys team was missing a few players getting ready to play...

Adrie Villa is standing in front of Knox College while visiting the campus. Adrie had recently applied to this college along with one of their scholarship programs.

With the holiday season comes hard work to receive college scholarships

Kyla Rose, Features Editor December 11, 2021

The holiday season is already starting off with a stressful rush for not only last-minute college applications but also SCHOLARSHIP submissions. While many were received through the submission of their...

Many students are currently knee-deep in the UC application process. Behind the smiles and joys of being accepted into colleges lies the stresses that come with surviving  these college applications.

‘Tis the season of college applications

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor November 19, 2021

College. Application. Season. These three words derive what seems to be a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions for the average highschool student. The excitement, the eagerness of waiting upon your application...

The American banner waving proudly in the air representing the American peoples freedom. As many should note to thank our lucky stars for the freedom we have today.

Veterans Day is a holiday for respect, honor, and gratitude

Kyla Rose, Features Editor November 11, 2021

Veterans Day lands on the date November 11, an important date in our nation's history. Veterans Day is for the honoring of our fallen, the soldiers who previously served, and those currently serving in...

Alarm clocks are soon to be set to times later such as this one. Waking up later could in fact benefit many students if they are willing to utilize it. Mr. Belloso says, I believe pros are that students will hopefully get to school on time.

Late start becomes the new start

Kyla Rose, Features Editor October 29, 2021

While schedules have changed this year by extending classes an extra five minutes for additional student learning time, the switch will be made once more for students and faculty members. The switch in...

Don Lugo shows their support for all breast cancer survivors, fighters, and angels. Students were asked to Pink Out on Friday, October 22 in recognition of breast cancer awareness. Students could be seen wearing dainty pink ribbons, and vibrant pink shirts that paired well with pink socks; Don Lugo did not disappoint !

Community collectively supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor October 22, 2021

Some believe Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be a time of grievance; a month of sorrow. Some believe Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be a time of healing; a month of acceptance. Despite the different...

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