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Many students are currently knee-deep in the UC application process. Behind the smiles and joys of being accepted into colleges lies the stresses that come with surviving  these college applications.

‘Tis the season of college applications

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor November 19, 2021

College. Application. Season. These three words derive what seems to be a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions for the average highschool student. The excitement, the eagerness of waiting upon your application...

The American banner waving proudly in the air representing the American peoples freedom. As many should note to thank our lucky stars for the freedom we have today.

Veterans Day is a holiday for respect, honor, and gratitude

Kyla Rose, Features Editor November 11, 2021

Veterans Day lands on the date November 11, an important date in our nation's history. Veterans Day is for the honoring of our fallen, the soldiers who previously served, and those currently serving in...

Alarm clocks are soon to be set to times later such as this one. Waking up later could in fact benefit many students if they are willing to utilize it. Mr. Belloso says, I believe pros are that students will hopefully get to school on time.

Late start becomes the new start

Kyla Rose, Features Editor October 29, 2021

While schedules have changed this year by extending classes an extra five minutes for additional student learning time, the switch will be made once more for students and faculty members. The switch in...

Don Lugo shows their support for all breast cancer survivors, fighters, and angels. Students were asked to Pink Out on Friday, October 22 in recognition of breast cancer awareness. Students could be seen wearing dainty pink ribbons, and vibrant pink shirts that paired well with pink socks; Don Lugo did not disappoint !

Community collectively supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor October 22, 2021

Some believe Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be a time of grievance; a month of sorrow. Some believe Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be a time of healing; a month of acceptance. Despite the different...

Tally is resting her head on the ledge of a juccuzi as the sun is setting in the background. She loves spending every minute of the day with her family, especially the late night adventures to the pantry.

With a ‘ruff’ start to puppy college Tally has finally made it home

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor October 12, 2021

There she stood, her dark yellow fur glistening under the sunlight, she almost seemed unrecognizable, would she remember me? Did she miss me as much as I missed her? Thoughts raced through my mind as I...

Morgan is soaring higher into the air during her approach, leaving the opposing team frightened as she continues to elevate. Morgan claims that  the team energy makes me feel alive ; it pushes me to become a better athlete.

Morgan Graves is killing the game of volleyball

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor October 4, 2021

Morgan Graves. Her name speaks for itself. Stepping on the court with confidence; striding to the attacking line - left, right, left - jumping high into the air, a God-like figure emerging as she leaps;...

Robbie Valdez taking the run smoothly through the start. Cross country continues to push through the race coming in with a win. At this point its not really going for medals. Its going for time, stated by Robbie Valdez.

Ten gold medals keep cross country in the running

Kyla Rose, Features Editor October 1, 2021

With a heavy start a few weekends back moving quickly into a straight seven medal win this last Saturday, cross country's dedication to the sport has given us all a run for our money. Starting with a rough...

At the last homecoming dance before Covid-19 hit a group of sophomores take pictures at a park. Arianna Hernandez says, Im most excited about getting to hang out with my friends all night and getting to take pictures with them, and finally be able to go to the dance again!

Homecoming is making a comeback so be prepared for a phenomenal night

Cheyanne Jauregui, Editor in Chief September 24, 2021

This years homecoming is themed "A Night in the Enchanted Forest," and will officially be taking place at Don Lugo High School on October 16 for the first time since Don Lugo shut down. To a lot of...

Sydney Marich has her back turned from the camera showcasing her FFA jacket while overlooking a scenic view. When things were going south I had to look past that and think, okay everyone else is experiencing this as well, its across the board, so Im not alone, says Sydney.

With her boots on and belt buckled, Sydney Marich strives for FFA State Officer

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor September 23, 2021

The skies the limit, especially for Sydney Marich, a junior at Don Antonio Lugo High school, who continues to work toward her ultimate goal of becoming an FFA state officer. Sydney joined FFA her freshman...

The hip hop team is gathered in the center of the gym in their routine huddle where they chant there usual cheer after every practice and performance.

New hip hop team captains have the moves to inspire

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor September 17, 2021

The Don Lugo Hip Hop Team has 4 new captains who are ready to bring that spark to Lugo nation after being held back for the past year by the pandemic. Energy, charisma, and spunk is what the hip hop team...

Mr. Belloso stands side by side with his AP Human Geography students while they are on their annual downtown LA field trip. Dr. Olivier Wong says, Whenever you travel with students as a school, you learn so much more about those individual students than you ever would in a classroom.

New Principal has goals to nurture school culture

Cheyanne Jauregui, Editor in Chief September 16, 2021

Dr. Olivier Wong was appointed the new principal of Don Antonio Lugo High school on August 19 and it has been almost 4 weeks since he replaced former principal Dr. Cabrera. A lot has happened since then...

Don Lugo Football facing El Rancho. In the picture Dylan Young is sitting in the pocket during a pass play trying to find someone that is open.

The Fall and Rise of Don Lugo Football

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter September 16, 2021

The Don Lugo football team has given up 72 points within two games and did not score at all until last Friday against El Segundo High School. The football team has gotten off to a rocky start for the first...

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