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Every minority group in America has some sort of movement to try to end the violence they face.

The importance of POC unity and why it is so hard to achieve

Karly Ortiz, Editor in Chief April 17, 2021

Minority groups in America have been oppressed for centuries, and while that oppression may look different in recent years for some groups, it has never truly ended. In recent months there has become a...

People protesting Donald Trump's hateful presidency, holding signs reading

Opinion: Looking back at Trump’s Presidency

Karly Ortiz, Editor-In-Chief February 5, 2021

For four years America has been under the thumb of possibly on of the worst president's of U.S. history. Donald Trump has forever changed how the world will see America, and has left an impact that will...

Olivia Rodrigo's song

Opinion: Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License tugs on Gen Z’s heartstrings

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer February 2, 2021

Drivers License is the song many zoomers are putting on full volume in their rooms while they scream the lyrics. The single released by Olivia Rodrigo, singer, and star on Disney’s High School the Musical:...

Newly updated ogo of Dogecoin cryptocurrency created on December 6, 2013. Dogecoin created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, was initially released to

Opinion: New investors need more knowledge before investing

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor January 29, 2021

With the recent outbreak of stocks, it's safe to say people are trying to get involved before they miss out on easy money. The thought of investing a part of your money into a company that can potentially...

A previous presidential inauguration is pictures, located on Capitol Hill. The 2021 presidential inauguration did not allow this amount of audience per precautions for the COVID-19.

Opinion: Women empowerment was very present at the presidential inauguration

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer January 28, 2021

As little girls and women around the world watched the swearing-in of the first women Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, it was plain to see; women empowerment was a prominent part of...

Person holding blank sign while protesting at a building. Signs show a symbol of protesting as they have been used for generations that usually have text showing what side the protestors are on.

Opinion: Protesting for high school sports doesn’t solve a thing

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor January 22, 2021

Sports has been a been a staple for high school for years and years. From football to basketball, it's fair to say everyone misses them being a part of high school life. With this odd year in place, sports...

Camila Aguero-Salas, junior, shows Twitter as one of the applications present on her iPhone home screen.

Opinion: Private companies like Twitter did what was necessary

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer January 21, 2021

The Capitol riots which took place on January 6, were without a doubt incited by Donald Trump. An act that caused him the disapproval of yet many more, and, getting banned from Twitter and Facebook, among...

Protests broke out all over the world this year to combat some of the norms that have been actively terrorizing minority groups for decades and even centuries.

Progression is not sensitivity

Karly Ortiz, Editor in Chief January 15, 2021

In the wake of some of the most widespread social movements in the United States, there is push back from older generations claiming that the new "political correctness" being normalized is the result...

Camila Aguero-Salas, junior, opens Outlook, the primary application for checking students emails. This action has become especially important during virtual learning.

OPINION: Checking student emails is important now more than ever

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer January 12, 2021

You may find yourself scrolling endlessly past the notifications on your phone telling you that you received an email from your school account. Some may not even know how to even navigate to their student...

Months after George Floyd's death, the spark of the BLM movement, police brutality against Black Americans has only risen, showing the justice system's lack of reform despite worldwide public outcry.

Opinion: The murders of Black Americans by police officers has increased despite BLM protests

Karly Ortiz, Editor in Chief December 11, 2020

America experienced the largest revival of the Black Lives Matter movement ever in late May after countless murders of Black Americans went unpunished. People from all around the world protested the issue,...

The number of Calories is present on the Nutrition Facts of a box of snacks. For people on weight loss or gain journeys, calories may be something they check often when purchasing food.

OPINION: Using a calorie reduction strategy for losing weight will always disappoint you

Camila Aguero-Salas, Opinion Writer December 10, 2020

Cutting calories is a strategy commonly used to lose weight. The mindset generally falls into the lines of “if I eat fewer calories, I’ll gain less weight” or “if I eat fewer calories and work...

The recent elections draws concerns about the ineffectiveness of the Two Party system.

Opinion: America will remain stagnant as long as the Two Party system exists

Karly Ortiz, Editor in Chief December 4, 2020

For the few months leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, the massive political polarization between Democrats and Republicans in America became dramatically apparent. The two party system has made...

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