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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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Photo of the National School Walkout. Original public domain image from Flickr.

The rise of school shootings: Is this the next outbreak?

Margot McCoy, Commentary Writer September 18, 2023

Schools across the country have been affected by our lenient gun laws for years. Shootings at schools have skyrocketed from 2020 to now. So far, this year alone, there have been 198 shooting incidents...

Photo by Artemis Statler. Josue and Jayzee(out of frame) test their engineering project during a robotics meeting.

Student Voices: The evolution of Don Lugo’s Robotics Club.

Mark Sparkle, Guest Writer April 18, 2023

The Don Lugo Robotics Club is changing rapidly. In previous years the club participated in VEX Robotics Competitions, where they were given a specific challenge for their robot to do. This year the club...

LGBTQ+ rights have been long fought for by many people and organizations.

The rise of anti-LGBTQ+ bills across the nation

Alex Reynolds, Commentary Writer March 30, 2023

The United States has been known for its freedom of expression for many years, with the Constitution upholding freedom of speech, press, religion, protest, and assembly. This right was written by the founding...

A picture of the Chino Valley Medical Center sign directing patients and visitors where they can enter.

Chino Valley Medical Center Student Pathway Program

Brooke Graves, Web Editor-In-Chief March 22, 2023

Chino Valley Medical Center was founded in 1972, now in 2023 it still exists as a thriving hospital treating the community around and even outside Chino. Although it’s a small hospital it offers most...

Im 30, Im too old for this - Selena Gomez

Opinion: Social Media Drama

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter March 10, 2023

Recently the internet has been obsessed with an ongoing ‘feud’ between the celebrities Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. Even after a public declaration of putting behind any bad blood, one simple comment...

The Google page for Hogwarts Legacy and the ratings of the general public.

The controversies of Hogwarts Legacy

Alyssa Sandoval, Managing Editor March 3, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy, a game currently surrounded by controversy, is described as an immersive, open-world action RPG set in the world first introduced in the Harry Potter books, and it seems to be exactly...

I want you to be doing Better Than Good - Keith Hawkins

Senior Retreat

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter February 21, 2023

The class of 2023 went on a retreat recently to the camp of Idyllwild Pines and it was amazing. It was a bit hectic leaving for camp, since the buses were late and traffic was pretty bad, so we left way...

Don Antonio Lugo High School Bill Board outside the front school.

Freshmen Experience

Orion Caballero, News Reporter February 15, 2023

The start of high school may be exciting, but it will be a big adjustment. There will be new classes, new teachers, new students, and often an entirely new campus to navigate. Your first day may leave...

Surrealism (noun): a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.

The surrealism of “How Fish Is Made”

Denzel Valle, News Reporter February 10, 2023

The beauty of surrealism is that it can elevate themes being told through words and visuals. A great example is stories, whether they are made to be read or seen. I believe the greatest medium for surrealism...

Photo showing the suggested jobs available to people living in, or near, Chino.

High school jobs: imperative or not to college applications?

Alyssa Sandoval, Managing Editor February 6, 2023

Not only does taking rigorous courses, involving yourself in school activities, and being an exemplary student improve your chances at getting into a good college, but having a job increases your chances...

Google Maps photo of churches near DLHS.

Normalization of Christianity

Alyssa Sandoval, Managing Editor January 31, 2023

To normalize is to make something a norm or standard. In the case of the United States, Christianity is the “normal” and primary religion. Although it is argued that Christianity is on the decline...

A picture of the Don Lugo 2022 girls volleyball team after a game.

Women in sports: It’s time for more recognition

Brooke Graves, Web Editor-In-Chief January 19, 2023

Each year, millions of athletes get ready for the start of their seasons, ranging from gender to gender, country to country and from age to age. Some do it for the fans, some do it for the money and some...

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