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Tristian Thompson shooting a basket while playing against the Memphis Grizzlies

The Pressure Of Drugs in Sports

Morgan Graves, News Writer February 5, 2024

Tristan Thompson, center and power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was suspended for violating the league's anti-drug program. He will be out of rotation for two months which amounts to twenty-five...

‘Sephora 10-year-olds’ Taking Over Makeup Stores

Julia Zelaya, Commentary Writer January 24, 2024

Recently, people have taken notice of a weird phenomenon going on with the younger generation, Gen Alpha. All over the United States, kids aged 8-11 or even younger can be seen being obsessed with makeup...

Halle Baileys recent Instagram post about her newborn baby Halo.

Halle Oh Baby!

Morgan Graves, News Writer January 18, 2024

Waaaaa! Is that the sound of a new celebrity baby or fans who feel entitled to know about one? First time parents Halle Bailey (Mother) and DDG (Father) were forced to share the news of their newborn baby...

Don Lugo’s Fall Favorites! Poll Results!

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Gen Z students in distress using social media while at school.

Why Has Gen Z Given Up?

Julia Zelaya, Commentary Writer November 6, 2023

Gen Z is known to be the most depressed, anxious, and mentally unstable generation as many Gen Zers have expressed how they’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or depression in recent times. Learningfirst.org...

Pro-Palestinian Protesters face Pro-Israeli Protesters.

The Divisive Effect of War: How the war in Israel affects us all

Nickolas Morales, Features Writer November 2, 2023

Wars are not just contained to the countries in arms, they spread to the offices and cities of countries world-wide. War has a captivating yet polarizing effect on people, along with a unifying one, and...

A picture of the Mt.Sac Crime Log which includes when, where and how crimes happen on campus.

Is The Increasing Crime Rate At Mt.Sac Going To Be A Problem For Attendees?

Brooke Graves, Web Editor-In-Chief October 24, 2023

Mt. San Antonio College, located in Walnut, California is a popular community college choice for students within the Inland Empire if they want to continue their education, transfer to a 4 year college,...

A spooky black cat! This photo was taken from a photographer names unreal from the website, pixexid.com.

The Superstitions of Friday the 13th

Margot McCoy, Commentary Writer October 17, 2023

Friday the 13th is the day where all the superstitions are especially unlucky. Everyone who knows about this specific Friday knows that this day is the most unluckiest day of the year. Especially if it...

Common and well-known autistic traits that some people use to self-diagnose.

The Self-Diagnosis Trend

Margot McCoy, Commentary Writer September 26, 2023

Trends have been a part of American culture for generations. Just think back on some of our recent trends: influencers, TikTok, the beauty industry being more about normalizing all skin types and textures,...

An example of a student s balanced schedule containing both AP and CP courses.

AP vs CP: Which Is Better For You?

Alyssa Sandoval, Managing Editor September 25, 2023

AP students tend to have a superiority complex and think that just because they take college level classes that they are better than students who take CP courses, but this is not necessarily true.  AP...

Photo of the National School Walkout. Original public domain image from Flickr.

The Rise of School Shootings: Is this the Next Outbreak?

Margot McCoy, Commentary Writer September 18, 2023

Schools across the country have been affected by our lenient gun laws for years. Shootings at schools have skyrocketed from 2020 to now. So far, this year alone, there have been 198 shooting incidents...

Photo by Artemis Statler. Josue and Jayzee(out of frame) test their engineering project during a robotics meeting.

Student Voices: The evolution of Don Lugo’s Robotics Club.

Mark Sparkle, Guest Writer April 18, 2023

The Don Lugo Robotics Club is changing rapidly. In previous years the club participated in VEX Robotics Competitions, where they were given a specific challenge for their robot to do. This year the club...

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