"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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The student parking lot at Don Lugo High School on a normal weekday.
The Struggles of High School Drivers
Marcos Ramirez, Features Writer • April 9, 2024

Driving to school can be stressful, annoying, and tiring. Most of us have been driven to school our whole lives by our mother, father or sibling....

The ending of Kung Fu Panda 4 showing Po and the past villains he defeated.
Return of the Dragon Warrior: A review of Kung Fu Panda 4
Sage Mejia, Review Writer • April 4, 2024

Kung Fu Panda 4 was disappointing; The plot was extremely one-dimensional and overall just meh. It starts with Master Shifu telling Po that there...

Andrew Hartman, a student at Don Lugo watching the new Megamind sequel.
Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate
Sam Konno, News Writer • March 22, 2024

Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate (2024) is the sequel to the film, Megamind (2010) and the pilot for the television series Megamind Rules!.  According...

2023 Fishbowl Against Chino

photo via isabellaphoto.s

Over the past few years the Don Lugo Water Polo team has been showing everybody who they are and what they can do if given the opportunity to. The team has gone undefeated for the past few years during league and are on track to do that again this year. The season this year has been going good for Lugo after losing some of their team after last year’s seniors graduated. Even with this challenge of not having the same players the team has pushed through and adapted with their new team to continue winning games. Drake Bell says, “I enjoy that the fishbowl actually gets representation and acknowledged unlike other water polo games that go on.”


The team did not disappoint during the fish bowl match this year with Lugo scoring an incredible 13 goals, while Chino only scored a mere three. Lugo was the first to score during the game and kept that energy up throughout the entire game. Lugo’s water polo team has been on a roll beating Chino during the fish bowl for the past six years straight and they aren’t looking like they are going to lose that streak anytime soon.


The team started out the game a little shaky but after that first goal they found their flow and continued to keep it throughout the rest of the game. Varsity player Austin Cantos states, “Our team came into the game a bit aggressive on the defensive side and that resulted in the team scoring less points then they could have scored.” All the water polo team needs is one more win during their next game to go undefeated this entire season for the third season in a row.

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Chase Davis, Sports Writer
Chase Davis is a first-year sports writer for Quest News. His goal for this year is to keep up with the Don Lugo football games and write detailed stories about every game he attends. He has played basketball and golf for Don Lugo since his 2021 sophomore year. Last year as a golf co-captain, Don Lugo won league and had their first undefeated golf season for the first time in 40 years. He is very excited to work as part of the Quest News team.

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