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SpaceX engine test launches to success

SpaceX has successfully tested the rocket engine for the Orion spacecraft which will be heading off to Mars in April 2023. SpaceX isn't the only unit developing a new rocket booster, as NASA is also developing their own rocket booster in hopes of reaching Mars as well. The following rocket booster test will be tested on Orion's test flight to Mars in late 2018.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

September 29, 2016

SpaceX has successfully tested a new rocket engine which they plan on using to bring people to Mars within the next 10 years. The rocket test was revealed on Sunday at the company's testing facility in McGregor, Texas. CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is developing the Rocket Engine Interplanetary Transport...

Concert goers-bought by bots?

Music fans everywhere know the struggle of buying tickets online, and soon they may finally be able to feel relief. The BOTS Act was sent to Senate, and if passed, will outlaw any use of scalper bots when buying tickets online. Without ticket scalpers, every music fan will soon be able to see their favorite artists without the hassle of buying tickets at ridiculous prices.

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Reporter

September 23, 2016

All music fans constantly face the challenge of trying to buy concert tickets online at reasonable prices, but an upcoming bill may end the overpriced ticket doom for good. When ticket websites, such as StubHub, release tickets for sale online, ticket scammers use online robots called scalper bots...

Scientists judge a book through its cover

Scientists have recently found a way to scan through old books and documents without having to unfold or open them. Using terahertz radiation, the pages of these fragile documents will not have to be destroyed. Laura Waller, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of California in Berkeley shares, “This work is one of the first to use these new tools along with advances in computational imaging to get at pictures of things we could never see with optical technologies, now we can judge a book through its cover!

Camille Encarnacion, Tech Editor

September 20, 2016

Research scientists, for the past few months, have been designing a system with the capability to read through a closed book at about nine pages deep. The team consists of Barmak Heshmat, a research scientist at MIT; Ramesh Raskar, an associate professor of media arts and sciences; Albert Redo Sanche...

Samsung s7 Notes are not allowed in airports

Samsung s7 is not allowed in airports due to the batteries exploding. Most airlines have a specific ban on putting such devices or batteries inside checked baggage, to prevent further incidents. Samsung is currently recalling all s7 Notes and new ones will be available in approximately two months.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

September 15, 2016

As the holiday season approaches, Lugo students will be visiting family members, whether it is out of state or out of the country. Unfortunately, the new Samsung s7 Notes are no longer allowed in airports due to battery explosions.  The battery causes the phone to overheat and on some occasions,...

Cloudy with a chance of burritos

Project Wing is teaming up with Virginia Tech and Chipotle to test and gather data about delivery drones that could become the norm in the coming year. Select students and employees of Virginia Tech will place orders of Chipotle burritos, then the orders will be made in a food truck and delivered to the testing site near the school by drone. By conducting these tests, Project Wing is working toward their ultimate goal of innovating the delivery system and making use of empty airspace.

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Reporter

September 14, 2016

Drone delivery may become a daily norm for each American in the near future. Several companies have already conducted tests for delivery drones. As part of a test this month, drones will deliver Chipotle burritos to Virginia Tech staff and students to innovate the future of delivery service. The experiment...

Khan Academy teams up with Pixar

Pixar teamed up with Khan Academy to create a free way to learn how to create images and movies. The main topics that are to be learned are: environmental modeling, character modeling, crowds, sets and staging, and rendering. These topics will be learned through interactive exercises, short videos and hands on activities.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

September 13, 2016

Pixar Entertainment teamed with Khan Academy to teach middle and high school students about how math and science is used everywhere. “Pixar in a box” will be 100% free to Khan Academy users. Throughout the lessons, users will be learning how math is used in the creation of famous characters seen...

‘SignALoud’ gloves translate ASL

SignALoud will help the audio-impaired to better communicate with the rest of the world by using a computer generator to verbalize sign language. Inventors Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor share,

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

September 9, 2016

Lemelson-MIT students have created gloves that can translate sign language into text or speech: "SignALoud" can recognize hand gestures that correspond to words and phrases in American Sign Language. The gloves work via Bluetooth and transmits the hand gestures through a sensor into one of the computer's databases,...

Hover Camera snaps a shot of the future

Zero Zero Robotics revealed the Hover Camera earlier this year, announcing it as

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Reporter

September 8, 2016

Selfie sticks could become a thing of the past when the Hover Camera is released to the public in the near future. Zero Zero Robotics began in 2014 in Beijing with a vision of creating smart technology and the desire to build what no other company has- a smart camera that can freely hover and follow...

ITT Tech closes down

ITT Tech is one of the many

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

September 6, 2016

All ITT Tech campuses are closing due to the federal sanction of abusing government federal aid. For 54 years, ITT Technical Institute has been the go to college for technology-related degrees. Due to closing, 57,000 students will be moved to similar local campuses nearby to where the ITT campuses are base...

ByFusion’s building blocks

Principal engineer and inventor Peter Lewis created the modular ByFusion machine that turns plastic waste into building resources. ByFusion's team saw the growing issue of plastic building up in the environment, so they decided to put it to use by building structures and homes in places such as California and Hawaii. ByFusion states that

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Reporter

August 30, 2016

Plastic waste is being re-purposed in the form of building materials to build houses. The company, ByFusion, sought a solution to the growing amount of plastic floating in the oceans and sitting in landfills. ByFusion's principal engineer and inventor, Peter Lewis, created the machine that can solve...

PlayStation Plus price increase

As of mid-Semptember, the PlayStation membership will have a minor price increase. This change will only apply to players in the U.S. and Canada. After September 22, players will have to pay the new price for the online gaming subscriptions.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

August 29, 2016

PlayStation's online playing subscriptions, PlayStation Plus, will see a price increase, Sony has confirmed in August. PlayStation Plus memberships will cost more. A one-year membership in the US will rise from $50 to $60, while three-month memberships will rise from $18 to $25. Existing members wil...

PS4 goes slim

With better graphics and a slimmer look, the new Playstation captured attention. The PS4 Slim was leaked on an online auction site. However, the console itself will be fully revealed in New York at the Playstation Theatre on September 7th.

Joel Chavez and Amauri Martin

August 26, 2016

The Sony Playstation 4 Slim console will be released at an event in New York on September 7th at 3 p.m, at the Playtion Theatre. by Sony CEO: Andrew House. More affordable and cheaper that the original PS4, the 500 gigabyte PS4 Slim will be retailed at a price of $350.00. While there are new...