Ayala students hack into school network


Micheal Everman, Tech reporter

Two 16-year-old students from Ayala High School hacked into their school network on September 5th. The students were able to modify their grades using stolen login credentials. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department, the two students are being charged with hacking and other unreleased data theft.

Communication’s representative, Julie Gobin, stated “It is always regrettable when students may be involved in illegal activities. However, we are grateful for the continued support of the sheriff’s department.” The district, along with the Sheriff’s department, did not discuss any more information on the hacking.

Because of the incident, the school is taking steps to prevent future invasions. Deputy Thompson from the San Bernardino county sheriff’s department is the main security officer on campus. As of now, Deputy Thompson has not made any statements regarding the situation.