Lugo students celebrate national coming out day


Micheal Everman was more than happy to honor this special day. Hailey Scott says,”This day is about “showing off” how they came out.” National coming out day is annually on October 11.

Tatiana Arenas, News Reporter

Lugo students celebrate national coming out day with honor. In the LGBTQ community this day is a basic form of activism for coming out of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Lugo students could not be any more happier for their peers.

Hailey Scott strongly states, “We came out to our families when we had NO idea what their reaction was going to be. Kids see the “showing off” and hopefully see that they can do it, too. If someone feels a certain way, they should always be able to express it. Now that it’s 2016, almost 2017, people are coming to terms with the whole LGBT+ community, especially people in our generation and younger.”

Isaiah Ruiz adds on,” It is a very important day in the LGBTQ community we need to embrace who we are and having a day that allows you to come out and give guidance is amazing.” To some students this day could determine the future or their own. This affects the career they choose to do next and the path of a new generation.