One step closer to fame


Photo Credits: Isaiah Ruiz Isaiah celebrating his acceptance at the happiest place on earth, with the button written YA for Young Americans . Sister of Isaiah and class of 2019 vice president Izabella Ruiz states,”This is what he has been working for since he was a little boy, this just proves that with hard work, determination, and confidence you can do anything you put your mind to. Isaiah adds on, “Everyone wants to be a Young American and I get to live that dream.”

Tatiana Arenas and Paola Espinosa

Don Lugo’s ASB president Isaiah Ruiz, has made it one step closer to Broadway. On February 13th Isaiah received the most exciting news he felt he could receive when he got word through an email that he had been accepted to The Young Americans College; a performing arts college in Corona, California; but, this performing arts school only accepts 140 incoming freshman from all over the world. Isaiah thanks Lugo for offering him so much love and support in getting him to achieve many of his dreams, he is excited to represent his hometown since he is the only student from Chino to be accepted.

Isaiah comes from a background of loving and supportive family members that raised him to believe that he can do anything he puts his mind to. One of his biggest accomplishments was receiving the Inland Theater Award in 2015 for playing “Shrek” in Shrek The Musical. Since the age of 3, the stage has been Isaiah’s home and since then he has had many achievements, from doing numerous plays growing up at the Chino Community Theatre, to producing, directing, and starring in plays at Ramona Jr High.

The Don Lugo student will begin his exciting journey in the next big chapter of his life on July 29th. Isaiah states, “The Young Americans gives performers a unique opportunity to grow their skills and travel the world and work with children.” With this amazing opportunity he will able to earn his AA degree after two years while traveling the world on a tour to Europe, Asia, Africa, and more, putting on three-day workshops teaching kids self-confidence through theater and he couldn’t be more excited.