Don Lugo hosts their first newly annual, “Local Government Expo”


Seniors pay attention to guest speakers from city hall to talk about their roles in local government. “This event will benefit the students at Don Lugo high school for years to come as well as other campuses across our region,” states Nicole Cuadras. This government expo is the first Lugo has ever hosted.

Tatiana Arenas and Luis Vazquez

Chino is bringing Lugo something new; the first ever Local Government Day Expo. This non-profit event took place on March 8th for seniors only, during periods 3 and 4. The expo was created by Nicole Cuadras, a college senior from the social science department at the University of La Verne.

Nicole Cuadras , daughter to Lugo teacher Mrs. Cuadras, used Lugo as part of her final senior project to graduate the University of La Verne.

The Chino high alumni wants to focus this event on Chino’s local government and their jobs. “I am hoping that today is very educational for the seniors of Don Lugo high school and that it is an opportunity for our local leaders to spread the value of community service through local government,” expresses Nicole. Cuadras’ goal is to give the seniors a different perspective on what the city of Chino does for us.

The expo consisted of guest speakers from Chino’s city hall talking about their jobs and encouraging the seniors to get involved in their local community. “Today was really informative, I realized how important it is to know what our government does,” claims senior, Santiago Gutierrez. The government and economics department at Lugo hopes that Cuadras will continues her expo at Lugo so that every senior is provided with the knowledge of their local government.