The Wellness Room is finally being opened!


Zander Reedy

English students experiencing the wellness room for the first time.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

The wellness room is a new mental health resource that will be a big help in the battle against depression and anxiety. Last year, members of the interact club and parents of students pushed for better mental health accommodation on campus. Now counselors have made a big leap to allow students to leave class to de-stress.

You can find the Don Lugo wellness room located across from the library in room 61. It is a relaxing environment designed to allow students to leave a stressful classroom to relax for 20 minutes or so. Mrs. Reyes, one of the intervention counselors said, “The wellness room is a calming space with soft lighting with a counselor available at all times, and mindfulness items to help relax.”

Room 61 is going to be available right after Labor Day for all students as well as an open house day for parents and students to visit. “September 6th is the day that the wellness room will open periods 1-6 for students to come distress and deescalate. Also, we are having an open house for parents Tuesday 4-5 pm for English speaking parents and 5-6 pm for Spanish speaking parents,” stated Mrs. Reyes.

Now it’s important to disclose that the wellness center will not be a way to get out of class, it will be a resource for all students to use to help with any kind of emotional distress that you may be experiencing. There will always be a counselor there to talk to, as well as many fidget toys, books, and lounge areas to help you relax.

The next step is for students to utilize the room to help themselves. Students can always talk to their counselors personally or give them an email as well. 


Mental Health Resources:

Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor

Mr. Lima: [email protected] 

Ms. Reyes: [email protected]