A Deep Dive on the Fitness Industry


David Fender, Editor-in-Chief


The largest growing industry in America is revolving around fitness influencers and brands that seem to have sprung out of nowhere. In 2020 everyone was locked indoors and mental health was at an all time low, and of course many people were left in worse physical shape afterwards. Once everything subsided, gyms and business gurus took advantage of it by posting ways to help on apps like Tik-Tok and Instagram. Motivating millions to be “just” like them.

Cause and Effect

As we know there are hundreds of in-shape men and women on the internet promoting brands and supplement lines with their impressive physiques. The pandemic hit right before, and the effect of this was a lot of people looking to improve their physical and mental self. That’s when the fitness influencers came in to inflict their beliefs and skyrocket a once niche industry.

The second big effect was the Fitness industries influence on the younger generation. Many young men and women looked up to these people on the internet with massive amounts of muscle.  So regardless of how they got it or what “supplements” they used, kids want to be like them.

The Health Benefits

The bright side is the health benefits. The mental and of course physical benefits of being in shape and working on yourself. According to the Better Health Channel, “People who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional wellbeing, and lower rates of mental illness.”

If you have the mental drive to be able to go to the gym it is proven to be good for you. But of course proper diet and form when working out is needed. On top of that, do your own research and work on things that will make you as an individual better rather than listening to people with different genetic properties than you.

The Danger

Regardless of what you think, if you do anything improperly it can be dangerous. The people that we are seeing on Instagram are most likely on steroids or SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). So go for your own goals and don’t allow yourself to frame your fitness goals on things that are almost impossible for you to do without shooting toxic growth hormones into your body.

Lastly, I want to mention bad diet. Starving or overeating can create serious issues when training or trying to get into shape. “Our body goes into a survival mode when hungry and draws protein away from muscle. When hungry, the body focuses more on survival, than looking good at the beach. As a result, you lose muscle, which can, over time, slow your metabolism. This makes it harder to lose weight,” wrote InfoFit. So if you plan on gaining muscle do not supplement harder training with a bad diet. Discipline is the only way to do anything.

The End

To conclude, there are many pros and cons to this wave of fitness inspired people. But the most important thing is to do your own research. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself, train with friends, have fun, and of course stay safe.