Lugo’s very own Wellness Center is in the works to provide students with extra support


Chloe Austin

President, Cheyenne Fernandes, and Vice President, Sophia Vasquez, pose for a photo showing how close they are. “Chey and I have known each for a very long time, and so I feel like our close friendship really helps us to work well together in our vision of the interact club.”

Alex Padilla, News Reporter

With a new addition to the school, the Interact club and the Intervention counselors are opening up a wellness center on the Don Lugo High School campus for the students. Interact club is a group of students who care about the well-being and mental health of students on campus, and who strive to provide service for the community and come together to relieve stress from school. Cheyenne Fernandes, the club President, Ms. Guzman, and the Intervention Counselors came up with the idea of having a wellness center because of an increase in stress levels for not only the members of Interact club, but also for the students at school.

With the Wellness Center, students can go inside of room 58 in order to relieve their stress and anxiety. The intervention counselors will be in the wellness center for students who need a place to clear their minds for a moment. If students wish to get referred to the wellness room, they will see their academic counselors and voice any problems to them, then they will be able to enjoy all that room 58 has to offer with authorized approval. 

Through the ESSER III funding that was provided by the district, they will have $7,000 that they will use to buy the items that the students want in the room.The ESSER III funding helps to address student’s academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs. It can also help with in-person instruction of students with a focus on those most impacted by the pandemic. With the help of the district funding, the Intervention Counselors will be able to start up the Wellness room to give students an extra system of support that they may not have access to outside of school. 

“In the wellness center, the students will be able to come here and clear out their minds from any stress that they have from school or from their personal life. They can also come here if they just need someone to talk to, ” said the intervention counselor, Mr. Lima.

The wellness center will be a great benefit for students who have mental health issues or just need a place to clear their minds. The Intervention Counselors are going to need student’s input on what should go inside the room in order to make it calm and safe, so if students have any suggestions they can contact Mr.Lima or Mrs. Reyes through their emails: [email protected] [email protected]