Opinion: Why is Elon Musk so polarizing?


Dado Ruvic

Elon Musk in the face of twitters business. This image was created for another news source.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

Elon Musk is an eccentric billionaire that is known for his capitalization of business opportunities and his wacky personality. To many, he is a polarizing symbol for electric cars and free speech. What the man stands for is often in question considering many of the relationships he has made. Now what does that mean for Twitter and other business ventures he might partake in?

Now I want to start with the fact that I personally do not have an issue with Musk. Considering I have never met him it is simply unfair for me to disrespect his character. Elon Musk in my opinion isn’t the terror of the modern world as many people seem to propagate. However, I am of course critical of his business since that’s something that I can research and understand.

Twitter is a long living, self righteous platform that often was biased against many political figures. Banning people with different views than are seen as not normal. Elon Musk, who is described at times as a right winged bigot, has actually gone on record saying that he is a political moderate and often votes left. “I’m registered independent and politically moderate, I voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, historically…” said Musk. Musk is considered a constitutionalist since he has a strong stance on freedom of speech. With that being explained it’s understandable why he might have a problem with Twitter’s left wing bias. Since he has beliefs on both sides, he understands that difference of opinion.

If the record shows true, Musk wants to make Twitter less of a sensitive cesspool of degenerates and cancel culture’s self righteous hypocrites. Now as much as a lot of us hate him, including me, Donald J. Trump was one of the people banned off of Twitter. However Musk is planning to unban him to further propagate free speech. Personally I think that was sadly the right move, since he is an upcoming political candidate and one of the faces of the Republican party. As polarizing as they both are, it is very very important to see both sides when voting.

So what does that mean for us, the average Twitter spamming teenagers and young adults? Well it just means that the environment of Twitter will swiftly change from super politically correct and sugar coated, to unfiltered speech that can go in so many directions. I do not really see this as a bad thing since I’m deeply against censorship of anyone, no matter how much we disagree with them. The only exception in my mind are people that are constantly showing hateful and threatening comments which are going to be against the terms of use anyway.

Elon Musk struggles with something I like to call the “Trump Effect”. When your personality and the things you say corrupt your image and lead people to disregard the good things you have done. With former president Trump, he of course did good things while he was in office, but his big mouth got him into a lot of issues. Similar to how Musk’s comments and behavior is something the media uses against him. “Musk says he wants to make Twitter a haven for “free speech” on the Internet. But when progressives hear Musk advocate for free speech, they think less of John Stuart Mill’s marketplace of ideas and more of the kind of talk you hear on Joe Rogan’s podcast,” wrote Calder McHugh.

So no matter what this wacky billionaire stands for he seems to have a half decent head on his shoulders regardless of what the media says. He’s shaping Twitter into a First Amendment believer’s dream, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. To those who say there are better ways to spend money, of course there are, but why are we begging a businessman to solve all our problems. Is Twitter really that important? Shouldn’t we as human beings maybe turn off the phone, stop judging people in different circumstances than us, and look in the mirror to solve our own issues?