Future Farmers of America host their first annual Fall Festival


Students from Don Lugo Agricultural classes participate in helping the FFA with their Fall Festival. FFA had their first annual Fall Festival with the help of their students. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ashley.

Janessa Meza and Anthony Romero

As fall becomes apparent, The Future Farmers of America and Floriculture program came together to develop an up-to-date event to raise money. Students and other people from the community were invited to the first annual Fall Festival that was held at Don Lugo’s agricultural department. Individuals who visited the festival played games and enjoyed other entertainment hosted by the FFA students.

The event was held on October 21st through the 22nd, from 9am to 1pm and was open to the community of Chino. Many activities were held at the festival such as a petting zoo, plant sales, a pumpkin patch and a variety of enjoyable games for all ages. The entry fee for the festival was $2 for adults and $1 for children, which all funds would go to both FFA and the Floricultural to raise money for their programs.

The Fall Festival was run by the student faculty; Taylor Moreno and Mia Herrera who planned the Fall festival with the assistance of their agricultural teachers. Mrs. Ashley, a teacher in the agricultural department, comments:

we’re hoping to continue having more fall festivals throughout the time to raise money for them to be able to compete.”

— Mrs. Ashley

Future Farmers of America and the Floriculture programs both participated in the first annual festival in which they raised money for their students to be able to participate in and out of school competitions. For instance, the money raised from this event will go towards the transportation and hotel expenses for the FFA students’ upcoming competition.

Due to the FFA program planning the event and floriculture having a stand to raise money, the money they were to receive will partially be given to the Future Farmers of America; they receive 20% of what they made by selling their flowers. In order for floriculture to participate in the fundraiser, they helped the FFA design their posters for the two day event as well.

About 100 to 150 people from the school and community of Chino attended the first annual fall festival. Usually, FFA has a Winter Festival before Christmas but they made the decision to make some changes and organize a fall festival for Halloween instead. This time, instead of selling Christmas trees, pumpkins were the main selling point the program tried to project.

This Festival was planned by the L.T.S committee (Living to Serve)  and was a way to educate the public and the community of Chino. The fundraiser helps the students of these programs get to and from different conferences that are planned to be held later this year. Most of the money is going to the traveling expenses needed to pay off for buses and other vehicles in order to transport these FFA students.

The event was well received with many individuals participating in the exciting activities the FFA had planned for them. The Floriculture program sold an abundance of plants and were able to make an appropriate amount of money. With the success of the first annual Fall Festival, plans for next year’s Festival begin soon.