Lip Sync Battle provides vibrant performances from the first day to the last


The host and the captains pose in front the wheel of categories they must perform to Photo Creds: Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero, Editor in chief

Mouthing words may not seem like a challenge but developing a dance routine and performing it three nights in a row at random becomes a bit difficult. For three years now, Don Lugo’s Theater Department has put on shows that entertain their audience with the students lip syncing abilities. Hamilton and Lip sync Battle are the two shows they have performed over the three years.

2019’s Lip Sync Battle focuses on using the layout and style of the popular show hosted by LL Cool J. This game show is played by picking a random category of songs out of the much bigger categories in line. There are five different categories that go by the name of Broadway Baby, R.I.P artist, Deming’s playlist, Dj spin that track, and it’s not a phase mom. These are played for four rounds, except Sunday’s performance which was six rounds, with 4 captains and 4 different judges.

Dahlia, Mya, Natalie, and Jaedian are the team captains that lead each choice they make. Captains spin to randomly find a category that they have two minutes to prepare before performing

Thursday,the first night

It is 6:30 p.m., the show begins in thirty minutes. The sounds of crying babies and side chatting spread throughout the MPR. Mrs Deming’s voice fills the speakers, quickly quieting the side chatter. Five minutes and the show begins; phones are ready, families are excited, and the crowd gets quiet. The lights shut off and the show is ready to start.

The Greatest Showman’s hit song is performed by all cast members. Here we get Edward Lillie’s, the host, first appearance. In a fun and energetic performance, they hype the crowd up for the 2 hours to come.

After the dance, Eddie introduces the audience to the rules of the game. Stuttering over words and nervous jitters where apparent but then again why wouldn’t he be nervous. The audience becomes silent as they listen to the key and important rules.

Each captain has two minutes to prepare for their act, they must have the right music, and they must all be ready when the curtains open otherwise, points shall be deducted but the judges. The judges are then brought out to a front row view of the whole show so they can comment and critique the performers.

Captains are finally revealed after the rule breakdown. They open the curtains filled with excitement as loved ones scream their names in the crowd.  Loud clapping surrounds the four captains as they introduce their selves.

Dahlia, Mya, Natalie, and Jaedian are asked how they are feeling and each one of them answer in a different way but with the same overall goal, to have fun. A captain spins the wheel of categories to see what they land  on. This would go on for four rounds with a fifteen minute intermission after two rounds.

During each break before a performance, Eddie would have his own comedy show as he involves the crowd on what they would like to see music wise from these performers. Families and friends laughed in joy and no one had the chance to become bored because they where constantly involved. Eddie would also get information from the judges to  see exactly how they felt after each act finished.

After the final round, all four teams came to the front to see who was crowned the winner of Day 1 for the Lip Sync Battle. Some where holding hands, others where looking around, trying to find a family member or friend. Tension rises as Eddie holds the paper that has the winning team on it.

The winners are Dahlia’s team which was well scored as their numbers where some of the funniest and enjoyable ones. The audience and other teams cheered for the announcement and everyone was happy.

The first impression is always the most important and thankfully, the Lip Sync Battle left a good one. The show was yet to be perfect, but two categories that i have not yet seen and extra practice may change my mind.

Teams take a picture with Mrs. Deming in front of the wheel of categories.
Photo Creds: Andrea Sales


Saturday, The final day

I arrive again thirty minutes early, the crowd is even bigger. Side chatting and babies crying is doubled. Finding a seat was nearly impossible but my excitement was through the roof. Mrs. Deming’s voice again fills the room and the show begins.

This show was special as it was the deluxe version of the Lip Sync Battle, meaning there was six rounds instead of the normal four. The crowd roared loud with their cheers as they where ready to see their loved ones perform one last time. Phones lifted and the Greatest Showman performance began again.

This time every performance was smoother and more professional. Each team brought the competition and I no longer thought that Dahlia’s team was the best even though they where still great.

The two new categories that i got to watch were “Its not a phase mom” and “Deming’s playlist”. These allowed me to get something new out of these performances as I have already seen most of them already. Being the third night, all the performances where well down and polished.

Teams have two minutes to set up props and costumes for each one of their numbers.
Photo Creds: Andrea Sales

After the final round, a farewell number for the senior theater students was performed. Cries and sobs where heard all throughout the performance, yet it was all tears of joy. Flowers where given to each senior performer and Deming quickly straight to her seniors, giving each one a hug goodbye.

The then got with their teams and got ready to hear who the winner would be. Eddie again held the paper that had the winning team on it. Shaking and still wiping tears off his face, he opened it and revealed the winner of the final night.

Mya’s Team won first place, filling the room with more cheers than ever. Team members all hugged and celebrated as their parents pulled out their phones to take pictures of them. People from the other teams also joined in on the celebration ending in a happy night for everyone.

I did not expect myself to get this involved because now i’m a captain for the Lip Sync Battle.”

— Natalie Lambert

As I walked out of the theater I felt joyful; it was an overall fun night. Seeing all of the students perform was a thrill and worth the ticket price. Families and friends enjoyed cheering for their loved ones and at the end, everyone left the theater on a good note. Pressure builds as now they must find a new way to top this years Lip Sync Battle.