Netflix’s take over of mainstream television is on its way


Anthony Romero, Editor-in-Chief

As technology develops, so does the consumers demand for higher quality products. Cable TV has been around for years, but sadly all things come to an end. Streaming companies are at their peak right now, getting ready to take over mainstream cable television anytime now.

Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon prime video, and etc, are the big dogs in the Streaming network business. Producing original content, reruns of old TV series, movies, and kid shows, keeps these streaming companies at the top of their game. Many people believe that Cable Televison provides the same type of media, but where streaming companies succeed is when they work hard to produce content that works with our younger generation.

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Netflix, for example, is one of the most popular streaming services available at the moment. As seen in the graph provided by Variety, Netflix dominates social networks. With consistent high quality series and movies, it would be no surprise if Netflix took over Cable tv companies such as Direct TV, Verizon, and Spectrum. Reasons for the demise of cable television come apparent when you study the popularity of Netflix

1)User Friendly

When looking to buy a service that best fits with your interest, Netflix has it all. Television has all kinds of genres scattered throughout different channels, however streaming services work on making it easy for the consumer. All it takes is a scroll through the comedy, horror, or  drama section to find exactly what you are looking for.

Netflix puts out series all at once, allowing the viewer to not have to wait multiple weeks to watch a show. Individuals are allowed to binge watch their favorite shows in less than a week depending on what you are watching.


Watching cable tv is comfortable at home, on your couch, eating a bowl of ice cream, but when it comes to wanting to take your favorite show on the go you can not really bring your whole TV and set up. Netflix and many other streaming services can be used on not only a television, but also your laptop or even your phone. According to Curious Mind Magazine, “Streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu gives you the flexibility and convenience of watching the shows and movies on mobile phones, tablets or even on smart TVs.”


Netflix has three different plans you can subscribe to such as, two stream HD tier ($12.99), Premium plan ($15.99) and the single stream non HD tier ($8.99). Each of these plans are for monthly payments. No cables, no excessive work to connect your cable box to the television, it will just automatically pair to your TV screen via Bluetooth.

One of the most popular cable providers are Spectrum TV. Spectrum costs $64.99 and goes all the way to $104.99 per month! That price can quickly ramp up especially when you pay for a plethora of channels you don’t watch.

Netflix is kind of a shared product, like it can’t go to waste after one use. Cable TV is on at a specific time whereas Netflix you can watch it whenever.”

— Joseph Silva


Shows companies such as HBO and Showtime, constantly put out movies and TV series. To many, it feels that they continue to only post rerun after rerun after rerun making these channels feel repetitive. With Netflix, new and original content is constantly being pushed out into the public.

Hulu is also a great example for how useless some cable programs maybe. A show like The Bachelor comes out every Tuesday, and with some streaming services you have to wait a while in order to watch it. But with Hulu, it comes out right when the episode comes out on cable.


Birdbox, Black Mirror, You, Stranger Things, On My Block and The Haunting of Hill House are a few examples of the extreme popularity Netflix has among the younger demographic. Twitter and Instagram are breeding places for discussions and memes on certain shows. This type of attention makes someone who does not have Netflix, want to get in on the jokes or conversations.

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These are a few examples of the high amount of Netflix originals. This picture also shows the categories it makes for you that keep choosing a new film or movie simple and easy.

However, some may argue that Cable TV has perks such as News channels and Sports channels that a regular streaming can not exactly provide. As streaming services develop and grow with technology, we will be able to solve this problem by implementing live sports broadcast. You can also find news articles that will make up for cables TV’s live broadcast.