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Midnight madness

Coach Wilson slam dunks the ball into the net.

Tylia Dixon

November 20, 2016

Don Lugo high school hosted their first Midnight Madness that included a teachers vs. students basketball game. During the first half, Don Lugo teachers defeated girls' basketball 19-30 but were then dominated by boys basketball to score of 46-36. In the first half, teacher, Phil Garcia, led his...

Don Lugo swims to round two

Don Lugo (dark caps) swimmers defending their goal at all cost. Josh Ibarra explained,

Johnny Palavecino, Reporter

November 10, 2016

Don Lugo water polo heads to round two of CIF after defeating Nordhoff high school, to a score of 19-13. Don Lugo treads their way to get the win. The last time Don Lugo won CIF for water polo was in 2012 and they are planning to take it all the way this year. With an impressive amount of goals scored,...

Ron Poteet steps up to the plate

Coach Poteet smiling for the camera.

Tylia Dixon, Reporter

November 2, 2016

After many years, Don Lugo's Varsity Softball coach, Ray Sheffield, retires as head coach. Coach Ron Poteet stepped up to the diamond as the new Varsity Head Coach for the 2016-2017 school year. He has previously been a coach for the JV softball team and an Assistant Football coach at Don Lugo. The...

Anthony Miller: SoCal Prep’s Athlete of the Week Nominee

Senior, Linebacker, Anthony Miller, takes on his nomination for SoCal Preps Legend with the support of his Lugo Family.

Brandie Altuna, Sports Editor

October 26, 2016

Don Lugo's very own, Anthony Miller, has been nominated for Athlete of the Week through SoCal Prep Legends. Miller, a linebacker for Don Lugo Football, showcased his talent and is 1 out of 8 players being recognized for their exceptional performances on the football field in Southern California. The...

Last serve on the court

The Senior Varsity Girls' posing with their coach on their Senior night after concluding their game against Ontario.

Tylia Dixon

October 19, 2016

Don Lugo Girls' Varsity Tennis played their last game against the Ontario High School losing to a score of 2-12. The Lady Q's put up their best fight but could not get by the Jaguars. With this being their senior night and the match to determine if they go to CIF or not; the loss affected them greatly. Senior...

Lugo Football dominates Colony after 10 year losing streak

Khoury Bethley taking on the defense of Colony. He was one of the many players that showed colony what they were made of.

Johnny Palavecino, Reporter

October 10, 2016

After a 10 year hiatus, Lugo football defeated Colony with a score of 48-18. The win was a great start for the team and gave momentum to better themselves so they can continually win throughout the rest of their season. Lugo hasn't beaten Colony since 2005. Running back, Khoury Bethley, had an outstanding...

37th nail biting Milkcan game ends in Lugo victory

The Conquistadores team captains standing infront of the milkcan as they awaited the results of the coin toss. Captain Khoury Bethley addressed,

Nolan Fernandes

September 26, 2016

Lugo Triumphs Over Chino for the 37th Annual Milkcan Victory. The can has now been implanted back on Conquistador territory after a 37-27 win over the Chino Cowboys. Despite 3 key players' crucial injuries, 2 weeks prior, the Conquistadores still managed to pull together as a team and defeat their crosstown...

Milkcan at stake?

Chris Torres posing with his brand new cast and scooter for mobility around campus.

Tylia Dixon and Brandie Altuna

September 20, 2016

Varsity's top three football players were injured during a preseason game against Rancho Cucamonga High School. Two lineman, Chris Randazzo and Chris Torres, and starting quarterback, Rudy Garcia, are out due to injuries. Rudy Garcia is allegedly out for two-weeks due to a rolled ankle. Chris Randazzo...

One man’s injury is another man’s opportunity

Marcos Melendez working on plays with during practice. The young quarterback continues to work to improve himself so he can be more than ready to start again.

Nolan Fernandes and Johnny Palavecino

September 19, 2016

Don Lugo's junior starting quarterback, Rudy Garcia, suffered a crucial sprained ankle at last Friday's game against Rancho Cucamonga along with two other linemen that sustained from injuries to their feet. Sophomore Quarterback for Junior Varsity, Marcos Melendez, was called up to fulfill the starting...

Don Lugo Football on the rise

The team's runs in for their first game of preseason against Warren.

Brandie Altuna, Sports Editor

August 31, 2016

Don Lugo Football is moving their way up. Don Lugo, a division 8 football team, played Warren High School, a division 7 football team, who had previously been division 2, beat the Bears to a score of 18-0. This was the team's first pre-season game that took place on their own turf. The Bears and Conq...

Best of both worlds

Kristin Breaux posing in her gear.

Johnny Robledo, Reporter

August 25, 2016

With Lugo's football season just around the corner, there is a new kicker eager to get started. The Senior's name is Kristin Breaux who is no stranger to the field. Playing soccer for five years, Kristin felt a sense of confidence when she made the decision to try out for kicker. The new addition...

Don Lugo welcomes men’s volleyball

Here are two of the three Don Lugo Boys' Volleyball team captains Ernie Noguez and Andrew Partida.

Nolan Fernandes, Reporter

August 18, 2016

Don Lugo welcomes its first Boys' Volleyball Team on campus. Starting this Spring, you'll be able to see the guys on the court serving it up. Coach Eve Knowles will be preparing and guiding the team for their first season as a team. Don Lugo has never had a Boys' Volleyball team. Ernie Noguez, one...