Hank: The Super-Fan of Don Lugo


Diego Cruz

Hank receiving own softball jersey during Don Lugo softball’s 2018 banquet.

Diego Cruz, Sports Editor

Don Lugo games are always full of spectators, usually friends, family, and teachers. However, there is one super-fan who is even more dedicated to Don Lugo athletics than anyone on Lugo’s campus.

Meet Hank, Don Lugo’s number one fan. Hank has been around Don Lugo athletics for quite some time, attending hundreds of games over the past decade, especially softball and basketball. He uses his time to make sure he gets to every game that basketball and softball has, and show his support.

Some people may recognize him as the man with the long scruffy beard who trash talks the refs, but his passion for the game and Don Lugo sports is evident. His love for the game is what drives him to become dedicated to Don Lugo sports and sports in general.

I just love the game.”

— Hank

Hank’s unusual decision to choose Don Lugo as his go-to sports team is simply due to the fact that he just simply loves the game of basketball and softball as a spectator. It also helps the fact that he once attended Don Lugo while in high school that he would choose Don Lugo sports. He states, “There’s just a lot that has changed.”

Hank may seem just like a guy who enjoys watching high school sports during his free time, but not just any ordinary sports. He is a strong supporter on girls’ sports. During an interview with Hank, he was asked about his choice of girl sports over boys sports at Lugo, and he responded with, “I just love watching the underdog because not many people give credit to them [girls].”

Hank’s statement is pretty true for the most part. Girls sports are becoming overlooked and underappreciated especially in high school. Hank simply puts his foot on the problem by attending all girls sports no matter if it’s an away game or home game to show his appreciation to the girls.

His appreciation has taken notice of many coaches, teachers and of course the players. 2 years ago, Don Lugo’s girls softball team, who made it all the way to the semi-finals in the CIF playoffs, invited Hank to their annual banquet as a way of showing thanks. During the banquet the girls also gifted him his own Don Lugo softball jersey along with a heart-warming speech. Hank elaborates on this moment by saying, “I was just speechless. I didn’t know I played such a big role in their season.”

Hank definitely deserves more recognition as a key spectator to Don Lugo sports and hopes more people will take notice to his dedication to Don Lugo as he continues to attend more and more events as Don Lugo’s only super-fan. If students ever have the chance to catch a basketball game, softball game or even a baseball game, look out for the man with the long white beard peering from the stands.