Update 1.5 infiltrates Overwatch today


screenshot from in-game by Marissa Reinhart

Overwatch’s biggest update went live today, and brought with it a ton of changes to heroes and introduced a brand new map, character, and a slew of game modes in the Arcade. The changes made in the update were mainly intended to balance the game in preparation of the new competitive season coming on the 23rd. The 20 million players of Overwatch, some of which attend Lugo, are more than excited for the update and the new features it brings to the game.

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Editor

Overwatch’s update 1.5 was released today for all platforms, bringing several balance changes to heroes and minor bugfixes, but most notably what it brought to live servers is the new offense hero, Sombra the hacker, a new map, and the Arcade Mode.

Launched by Blizzard in May, Overwatch has accumulated over 20 million players, many of which attend Don Lugo. When Sombra’s cinematic trailer “Infiltration” released at the beginning of November, Lugo student and avid player of Overwatch, Hailey Scott, excitedly commented “I am super excited to play a whole new character, I watched the animated short, which got me pumped and also I saw some of her gameplay and her abilities look wild!” The main basis of the patch, as stated by the developers, was to balance the game to prepare for the new competitive season beginning on Nov. 23.

The update introduced a new game mode, Arcade Mode, which allows players to participate in a slew of different types of matches that deviate rules from normal Quick Play, such as 1v1 matches. Arcade Mode also has its own rewards, which includes the opportunity for each player to earn up to 3 loot boxes per week. The new map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, will feature some of the new game modes such as “Elimination” (3v3) and one called “No Limits,” which was created to compensate for the new rule in Quick Play; only one person can play a single hero in a match. All heroes ultimate abilities now take 25% longer to charge, and some hero’s ability cooldowns and damage have been adjusted.