Counselors prepare seniors for college application season


As seniors get ready for college applications, the counselors also get to work on their annual workshop. College applications will start excepting admissions as early as October. “It’s nice to know that we have counselors on campus that know a lot about college and that is willing to help us.” states Senior Alexis Lopez.

Tatiana Arenas and Luis Vazquez

The Don Lugo counseling department will soon start the preparation for their annual college application workshops. This process will begin mid-October in the career center during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The counselors started this program a while back to assist any seniors with any questions or road blocks they run into.

This workshop is created for the seniors that have parents or older siblings that did not go to college and that have no prior knowledge of the long process. The counselors encourage all seniors to come in and ask any questions regarding college. “I think its a great idea! A lot of seniors haven’t had an older sibling go through this process so now that someone is there to help them out, it makes them feel relieved,” states senior Sarah Wiseman.

Sometime in the next month all seniors will be taken to the computer lab to make a FAFSA account. Counselor Deleon says, “We want them to do as much as they can on their own, as that is apart of the process for applying to colleges.”  In the past few years the workshops usually tend to have about 4-5 computers taken at a time, but once senioritis hits all the computers will be taken.