New and improved t-shirt cannon debuts at Milkcan with the help of the robotics club


Photo by David Fender

The Don Lugo Robotics Team stands next to the T-shirt cannon. This special robot is displayed during events such as football games where T-shirts are launched toward students in the audience. “This year we are working on rebuilding the T-shirt launcher,” says Mr. Engstrom.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

During the Milkcan game, the club unveiled the newly redesigned t-shirt cannon robot that was worked on by many of the new members of the robotics club. Don Lugo Robotics is a club on campus that has a lot of interesting, and hands-on opportunities that a lot of students may not know about. Students are able to work on robots and other projects that are not accessible in any other class on campus. 

Despite not having a formal leadership structure, the underclassmen stepped up to work on the t-shirt cannon robot to have it up and running by milk can. ”This year we have a group that is working on rebuilding the t-shirt launcher and I see that part of the club growing a lot more this year compared to the vex side of the club,” said Mr. Engstrom. Although the cannon wasn’t perfect during halftime, it did well enough to be called a success and will be worked on for the upcoming homecoming game.

The club hopes that putting the idea of working on “cooler robots” will bring more people to the program. ”The t-shirt cannon is a little more open to improvement from the students, and going forward it will hopefully be a focal point of our club,” Mr. Crisafi shared. With Mr. Engstrom and Mr. Crisafi overlooking the project, students will be well on their way to understanding the foundation of robotics. 

The complexity of the design proved to be no hindrance for the first-year students in the program. And props should be given to the team that worked hard to get it out there on Milkcan. With a week left until the homecoming game, the robotics club is eager to have the t-shirt cannon make an appearance.

The t-shirt cannon has brought a lot more interest in our club because it’s such an interesting robot to work on.

— Mr. Crisafi

Additionally to the t-shirt cannon, the club has plans to compete in tournaments against surrounding schools. As these students tackle more projects, the outlook for this school year is looking good. With many more accomplishments on their way, the robotics club will continue to work hard to showcase their amazing robots.