How Learning Loss Will Affect Students and the Future of Don Lugo

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Finch sitting at his desk in the counselors office. “Zoom didn’t help at all when it comes to a students education,” says Mr. Finch.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a years worth of education loss for many Lugo students. After having to endure online learning, students are welcomed back to campus with a fraction of the knowledge they should have obtained during the 2020-2021 school year. Many students had to teach themselves the material over lack of understanding from their teacher through the virtual learning platform.

The term, “learning loss” has been tossed around when speaking on the loss of instructional time in the last year. “Campuses say they are concerned that many freshmen have suffered some or even significant learning loss as a result of all the remote high school instruction during the pandemic,” stated Larry Gordon, a reporter for the LA Times.

Online school had an effect on education regardless, we see a lot more resources for students and teachers online now.

— Mr. Finch

 During the pandemic, students have lost an abundance of information that will greatly affect their education in the future.  “It’s going to affect education for a couple years going forward and it’s going to be adapted to eventually,”Mr Finch explained. Since we are in a perpetual game of catch up, the time and resources necessary to combat the loss of instructional time may do more harm to students than actually improve their academic situation. 

As time progresses Lugo students will need to plan ahead and think about their future goals and the effect this lack of education will have on them.

Although it is a hard pill to swallow knowing that the we will never get that time back, it is our job going forward to work harder and become better students. Due to circumstances many teachers are more understanding when it comes to asking for extra help on topics that may have been missed or overlooked. As the year prolongs we continue to unite as a school to bring positivity and a new found optimism to learning after COVID.