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Twelve Angry Jurors… Delayed?

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Luis Lopez and Jennifer Morales

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Twelve Angry Jurors is the new upcoming play at Don Lugo. It is expected to premiere on January 26th and run through the 28th. It is about twelve jurors who are in a room discussing the guilt of a 19-year-old boy, who presumably killed his father.

Although many Lugo students are looking forward to the play, it may not even become a reality. There have been a few complications that may delay, or even cancel the production, which will sadden the Don Lugo community. A student from Lugo states, “I really hope the play premieres, I have been waiting a long time for this.”

Five months of preparation have gone into this production.”

— Annette Deming

If the play is to premiere, it will feature a cameo from a Don Lugo alumni, who is now attending AMDA Los Angeles, which is a school that trains artists towards the success in the world of performing arts. The play is expected to be one hour and forty-five minutes. It will also contain two, twelve-minute intermissions due to the fact that it is a three-act play.

Lugo’s very own beloved, Annette Deming, has directed the play.The cost for attendance will be five dollars for students, seven dollars for adults, and nine dollars if you were to purchase your ticket at the door. This will be Advanced Theater’s second production this year.

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Twelve Angry Jurors… Delayed?