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17 Minute National School Walkout for Change

Jennifer Morales and Luis Lopez

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Don Lugo High School's students participated in the 17 minute walkout to honor the victims of the Florida shooting. Photos courtesy of Daniel Pahutan.

Young people around the world want change for the better of our country, due to recent events of school shootings. A National School Walkout is to take place on March 14, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. across every time zone. Congress’ refusal to change the gun laws that are greatly hindering school environments have angered a variety of U.S. citizens, which caused this movement.

Congress simply tweets about their sorrows and prayers for the victims yet they do not do anything to improve the school’s safety. The Women’s March Youth EMPOWER group has organized this walkout that will last 17 minutes. It is 17 minutes because it symbolizes each person who perished from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday of February 14th.

Students, teachers, and communities are encouraged and expected to participate in this to raise awareness on gun control. According to the women’s march site, “Students and staff have the right to teach and learn in an environment free from the worry of being gunned down in their classrooms or on their way home from school.” A number of students from Don Lugo also plan to participate in this nation-wide walkout. Don Lugo senior, Ariana Lomeli, had made the statement, “I think the national walkout is a great way to show the world what should be prioritized. I hope to participate in this and I hope that people realize that although we are young, we can still impact the world in a beneficial and positive way.”

I look forward to the walkout so people can know where I stand on this issue”

— Royce David

This movement is expected to be effective, but some schools are threatening to suspend any students who participate. The Washington Post had contradicted those schools by making the claim that suspending the students for participating in the walkout is illegal. Despite those facts, students are still willing to risk suspension in honor for a safer school environment. The mentality is that if the nation becomes a safer place, then it would have all been worth it.

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17 Minute National School Walkout for Change