3 High-Tech Devices Going Into The New Year


Press Release from August SmatLocks

As 2017 winds down and 2018 begins, there are many high-tech devices that can help you be more technologically advanced this year. The three devices that will be covered are smartphones, tablets and a electronic lock for your home. These devices could be compared to other older devices, yet it would be a mistake to do so.

Micheal Everman, Tech Editor

As 2017 winds down and 2018 begins, there are many high-tech devices that can help you be more technologically advanced this year. Technology is always advancing, whether that be phones, tablets or even home security. Here are three ways that anyone can be more technologically advanced in the new year with:

1. ZTE AXON M (phone)

With two fully functional screens, this is more than just a unique mobile device. This phone is meant for the multi-taskers, their website states “Introducing the revolutionary foldable smartphone with dual screen technology that enables the true power of multitasking.” With dual screens, the possibility of combinations of apps and movies are almost endless.

The Verge

The phone was many modes while opened up in the dual display mode, including a mirror mode, the dual screen mode, and an extended mode. The site also states “two identical Full HD screens combine to give you a stunning 6.75 [inch] tablet-like display.” The phone does not need app developers to develop their apps differently, the phone uses tablet mode when in most of the apps when in the extended mode.

2. The “reMarkable” tablet

ReMarkable was made for the person who loves to use paper, yet dislikes the mess you have with all the paper lying around. The feel is meant to “mimic” the feeling of real paper. There is special ink inside of the tablet that is activated and de-activated by using the pen.


ReMarkable stated in their video, “Traditional displays constantly radiate light through millions of luminous pixels, ‘canvas’ uses black ink particles to reflect natural light.” These tablets are able to transfer what you write to a nearby computer. While it is easy to compare it to the classic “Etch-A-Scetch,” it would be a grave mistake due to the extraordinary abilities that these tablets posses.

3. August SmartLock

The August SmartLock fits onto any traditional deadbolt lock. This $149 device has a thumb latch where people within the home can turn it manually. You are also able to unlock the device with your phone using the “August Home” app on IOS and Android.