Do seniors this year feel ready for the next big step?


Bee Lara

Screenshot taken of the Cal State website to apply to a California State University for the fall semester of 2023.

Bee Lara, News Editor

You’re thrown into a big area but you have no idea what to do, what to ask, or any idea of how it works in that sense, and you’re already thrown into it.

— Wyatt Biggs

It’s that time of the year. College and financial aid applications are opening up for the seniors who plan to attend some form of secondary education after they graduate high school; CSU and FAFSA applications opened October 1st, UC applications opened August 1st, and community colleges like Chaffey and Mt. Sac are taking applications now too. With not only the burden of assuring they have the credits and GPA they need to graduate high school, they also have to start looking at what colleges they should apply to, financial aid opportunities available to them, and requirements for the college applications: minimum GPA, application requirements, tuition, etc. 

On the emotional side of things, those who will be leaving home to attend college have to mentally prepare for that too. Some students even feel that it’s the only thing holding them back from feeling college ready. They’re worried about the increase of responsibility and change of environment. “It’s just the fear of being on my own and adulthood, because I want to live on campus wherever I’m going. And that’s kind of big, like oh my god, I’m literally an adult,” adds Elizabeth Saldana, a senior this year and captain of the cheer team. 

Seniors are provided with help by the school for college applications, financial aid, and most other things related to secondary education. The counselors and the career center are open for questions, should the seniors have them, and yet they don’t feel as comfortable as they should with the idea of college and how the process goes. They all know the general idea of what they should be doing. The counselors have visited the 12th grade English classes to give a basic idea of what the process will look like and what they should be looking out for these next few months. Not only that but students have been through this process generation after generation, and even then the seniors just don’t feel ready. “I just feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing, I feel like we’re not as prepared,” comments Michelle Wong, a senior in the dance team.