Help the local shelters!


Image of IVHSSPCA website’s “I want to…” option with a focus on the ‘adoption’ category.

Bee Lara, News Editor

Have you been thinking about taking in a dog or a puppy anytime soon? Consider adopting from your local shelters! Shelters are currently overflowing with dogs that have ended up in their care and are having a hard time keeping up because the numbers of dogs coming in just keep increasing.

One particular shelter I suggest looking into is the Inland Valley Humane Society and S.P.C.A. They’ve been having this issue for a long time now and the amount of dogs they have to provide for just grows by the day; it has gotten to a point where they have had to keep some of the dogs in pop-up kennels in open areas of the shelter. It is clear that as more dogs are brought into the shelter, the quality of life as a whole decreases for the dogs.

IVHSSPCA currently has 174 dogs at their shelter and they comment, “The situation is dire and we are way over capacity… we urgently plead for help and support from our community… every minute counts, as the situation is becoming more and more urgent with each passing day… the time to act is now.” These dogs need homes and a family to care for them as soon as possible! If you’re worried about the initial cost of taking these poor dogs in, worry not! IVHSSPCA has claimed that all adoption fees are being waved!

If you are not able to adopt at the moment, please consider helping in other ways: spread the word, consider donating, fostering, or even volunteering at the shelter to help take care of the many, many dogs that are in dire need of it. The situation is serious and the shelter needs all of the help it can get. With the contribution of our community, a big difference can be made in the life of these dogs.