Join the Hip Hop Team!


Image of the 2022-2023 Hip Hop Team in their team jerseys.

Bee Lara, News Editor

The time of year where you decide what classes and extracurriculars to join for the next school year is here! It’s exciting if you’re looking for new and fresh experiences for your next school year, but with so many options to pick from, it might even feel a bit overwhelming. To help narrow the choices down, one of the many amazing courses provided at school is not just any course but a closely knit, co-ed team that encourages dancers to work on and gain their confidence through dance and perform dances at school related events. Hip hop team!

It’s an amazing team to get the chance to be involved in and explore the art of expressing your emotions through dance. As a member on the team, you get the opportunity to perform at school and community events like rallies, dance shows, future freshman night, and other events. Hip hop team isn’t a competitive dance team, so if you don’t feel ready to go into the competitive field of dancing or are simply not interested in it, there’s no need to worry since you’ll only be performing at non-competitive events. Being in hip hop team also has another added benefit: you can earn your PE credits through it! To graduate high school, you need twenty credits of a PE course, and you can earn just that through being on the hip hop team. Team practices take place during the school day, it’ll take place as one of your class periods, this meaning that it gives you the opportunity to be involved in after school activities as well! No need to limit yourself!

Now, if you’re interested in joining, know that you do have to audition to be on the team, that goes for both people planning to join the team for the first time and people who have already been on the team. Auditions for the hip hop team of 2023-2024 are on April 17th and 18th at 3:30pm at the Don Lugo Spirit Room! Follow the hip hop team Instagram account (@donlugohiphop) for more details on the interest form and auditions as the dates approach! Fill out an interest form and come by to audition for the hip hop team, we hope to see you there!