Young talent for Don Lugo Wrestling has high promise for CIF berth


Kayden Robles

Don Lugo Wrestling posing for a photo after their performance at Ayala High School. “What drives us on the mat is a CIF championship,” stated Will Young.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

The Don Lugo wrestling team has shown their dominance starting 2-0 in league with some wrestlers having a noticeably high win record. Despite the adversity, the wrestlers have shown resilience and an incredible work ethic when tackling new challenges on the mat. “I think we have been doing good because of the amount of effort we all put in and how great our coaches are,” shared Isaiah Martinez. Going into every match there is always a strong belief in the person on the mat. The team always has an extreme drive to win.

I know we are going to make it to CIF this year

— Isaiah Martinez

When observing the team itself, it’s hard not to see the lack of experience in their ranks. Most of the people who are putting up good performances on the mat are first-year wrestlers, freshmen, or both. Starting their league off 2-0 and some wrestlers like Isaiah and Will are dominantly winning almost every match, they are making sure people take notice.“I feel like we can make CIF. Everyone is evolving every day and with enough hard work I think we can,” stated Will Young. The ambitions of the team do not seem unrealistic. With almost all of the team having aspirations to make it this year no matter what stands in their way, they deserve more credit for how they have been performing.

All the wrestlers universally praised their coaches for how they have helped them improve. And it seems like there is no feat that they can’t reach. Currently one of the wrestlers is sitting at 10-1 on the mat. This just shows how hard they have worked to prove that they’re legitimate despite all the doubts. With all the promise on this young roster, it is not hard to see why they have been so dominant and how they have true motivation to go to CIF.