Don Lugo wrestling rises from the ashes


Dylan Young

The Don Lugo Wrestlers are stretching and warming up for their practice, preparing for the demanding season ahead. “I am very excited for new coaches and what they can provide to me to benefit my skills,” said Sammuel Sanchez.

Dylan Young, Sports Reporter

With many changes that are coming for Don Lugo Wrestling like new coaches and many incoming stars, there could be a bright future for the Wrestling Team. Our wrestling team has seen a rough past with many of our key wrestlers from previous years leaving and transferring to different schools, this includes coaches as well. But there are many things to be excited about in the future for this program.

Wrestling here at Don Lugo was a historically very good program, but recently had a slight change of direction with new coaches and many people leaving. The Don Lugo Wrestling team hopes that the program will go back to its past prestige very soon. “The new coaches are really nice and I feel like I am learning more and more each and every day,” said Michael Valdez, a senior on the wrestling team. This kind of confidence from our student-athletes is the motivation that Don Lugo Wrestling needs to give the program a true boost for their upcoming season.

Wrestling has started back up with practices every day right after school in the wrestling room. Wrestling is a demanding sport that requires both physical and mental toughness. Losing and gaining weight in a short amount of time in order to fit in a certain weight class is common practice for wrestlers. The new coaches’ techniques and teaching styles, combined with the established talent of returning wrestlers, are good signs for the Don Lugo Wrestling Program.

“I am very excited for this year in wrestling because we have a lot of new talent that has come in through the lower classes,” said Sammuel Sanchez a Junior who has been wrestling for three years. The Don Lugo Wrestling Team has definite promise in their upcoming season. The wrestlers are continually preparing for their league matches to start in January. Although this team has had obstacles, they are ready to take it to the mat and prove their resilience.