Homecoming 2021 is going to be a night to remember!


Tricia Hernandez

At the last homecoming dance before Covid-19 hit a group of sophomores take pictures at a park. Arianna Hernandez says, “I’m most excited about getting to hang out with my friends all night and getting to take pictures with them, and finally be able to go to the dance again!”

Cheyanne Jauregui, Editor in Chief

Homecoming 2021 has officially been confirmed to take place at Don Antonio Lugo High School on October 16 since the school shutdown during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Homecoming is going to be a night to remember so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

For a lot of students high school is much more than good grades, taking AP courses, and doing homework for hours on end. The school dances create the phenomenal’ high school experience that alumni go on to talk about for years to come. The full high school experience was taken away from a lot of students last year but Don Lugo is excited to finally have their homecoming back.

Last year was going to be the first year a lot of students were going to attend homecoming but Covid-19 shutdowns made this impossible. This caused a lot of disappointment for a lot of students especially those on their last year of high school. Johanna Barrios, a senior, was in this exact predicament and she explains how disheartening it was for her because she “was actually looking forward to it.”

Since she did not go to homecoming her freshman or sophomore year it made the news even more discouraging especially since she did not know how long the pandemic would last and if she would be getting a senior year. So now that homecoming is official she and other students are excited to finally get to experience homecoming, “I am most excited about dressing up, taking pictures, and spending it with my friends,” Johanna Barrios said.

Arianna Hernandez and Isabella Angon get dressed up and take pictures before the dance. (Photo Courtesy: Tricia Hernandez)

With so many students looking forward to homecoming this year ASB is motivated to give the students a remarkable night. Although, a good turnout is expected there are still students that are not planning to attend, “make the most out of their four years of high school because at the end of the day your learning new things, making new memories, and enjoying yourself” said Heidi Cortes.

She also understands that the community and surrounding schools may have a misconstrued idea of what Don Lugo stands for. Despite this she fully believes that this homecoming will bring everybody together and give them the chance to represent, “One school and one family,” despite the recent events that have occurred on campus as of late.

Don Lugo High School is ready to throw an amazing homecoming in celebration of the past year that everybody has overcome. So buy your tickets, pull out your dress clothes from your closet, and get excited, “I think this homecoming dance can really show that we’re all connected and that we can overcome” Heidi Cortes said.