The Dance Program is hosting an in-person winter show after two years!


Jazmine Coto

The entire hip hop team gathers to take a picture after one of their performances. “I am so happy to have such a supportive team. Hopefully we can make a lot of more memories before the year ends,” says Daniella Colli.

Cheyanne Jauregui, Editor in Chief

Dance is powerful- it is a visual expression that communicates various emotions and ideas through the art of movement. Dance is highly valued at Don Antonio Lugo High school and the program has an abundance of opportunities such as different dance classes for various levels, hip hop, and their award-winning dance team. For two years, standing on stage and performing in front of a full audience was not possible. Now that the world is experiencing some sense of normalcy again, their first in-person performance after two years will be their winter show on December 8 and 9 at six O’clock.

Endless hours of practice before and after school have given the dance program this unique moment to show off the skills that they have continuously tried to sharpen. Every entity of the dance program will be performing including hip hop, the dance team, and dance 1, 2, and 3. “I’m so proud of my team for pulling off a show so quickly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team this senior year,” said hip hop dancer Daniella Colli. This is an amazing opportunity for Don Lugo to come out and support the amazing performers!

With the winter show being the first in-person performance that is open to the community since the pandemic, it has caused a multitude of different emotions. Fortunately, excitement seems to be a prominent emotion among these performers. Viviana Cabrera was a member of the dance team before the lockdown and has expressed her excitement in performing in front of an audience again. She is grateful that life is slowly getting back to normal and that they have been given this amazing opportunity.

During the pandemic, they had to overcome many challenges like having virtual performances and practices online. This caused a lot of modifications to be made for their routines but thankfully by being back in person, the dancers do not have to make any more modifications. Therefore, the performances are more exciting for the performers and the audience!

Every group in the dance program has applied themselves and put in numerous hours of hard work into their winter show. A reminder for all the performers is to “take a moment to enjoy the performance even in the stressful times and remember these little moments with your team,” said Viviana Cabrera.