How online learning has made cheating easier


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A student is using a small paper of notes to cheat on an exam.

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor

Students have increasingly been adapting to remote online learning however, so have their cheating abilities. Students have always been told that ‘Knowledge is power’ but in order to obtain the power they require knowledge. Learning online has shown to be very difficult for some students. They do not feel as if they have been learning much these past few months. In part, many students have resulted in cheating on quizzes, tests, or essays. 

Cheating during online learning is not your average peeking at your neighbors work, it is more complex and easier than ever before. Jade Mantilla, a junior at Don Lugo said, “Every student has access to the internet, since we are not in a classroom students can just use their phones and have their cameras off, so the teacher won’t know if they are cheating.” This has been a rising problem in the world of online learning. Teachers do not have much control over what each student is doing on the other side of the screen. “Personally, I’ve tried to keep my camera on to prove to the teacher that I am not cheating, because cheating won’t get you anywhere,” said Jade Mantilla. Student’s cannot be adequately assessed on what they know, if what they are submitting is what google or quizlet knows. 

Sometimes cheating does worry me for not being prepared for future classes, but that is it. In the real world I feel like students will majority of the time have a way to check their answers or access to the internet, at least to the little skills we learn in school”

— Gloria Camacho

Many student’s perspectives of learning and education as a whole have greatly changed during the Coronavirus pandemic. For many, school and learning has begun to feel like a chore rather than something they used to look forward to. Gloria Camacho, a junior at Don Lugo said, “I do think cheating has limited students’ ability to learn the material as online school seems more like a hasty task rather than the chance to learn something new.” 

Cheating does have consequences on a student’s preparedness for future classes. Considering they did not truly learn the material they have lost a sense of power that came with the knowledge they could have obtained. “Although the urge is there, it is easy to remind myself of how bad the consequences of cheating are. Especially if we were to return to school at any moment, it would only negatively and plummet the student’s grade,” said Gloria Camacho.