BREAKING NEWS: Day 2 of Mask Protest shows growing participation


Chloe Austin

Don Lugo students are seen sitting down at the lunch tables protesting the mask mandate. “Teachers and other staff have told me and other students that they can not sustain this for a long period of time, and have told us they will put us on independent study,” said Wyatts Biggs.

Jazmine Coto and Faith Tumbos

On Monday, February 7 there were 24 students protesting against the mask mandate. As of Day 2 the number of protesters has nearly doubled to about 50 students. Don Lugo protesters show to be growing in numbers as the week progresses.

There has been much controversy over the wearing of masks inside the classrooms, leaving some students upset with the reinforcement that has been placed on them. The uprising of Covid-19 cases  has led to the district following state protocols by enforcing masks indoors regardless of vaccination status until February 15. Despite this, some Don Lugo students wish to voice their opinions in the form of a peaceful protest. 

Many students believe that they should be allowed to practice their first amendment right and choose whether or not they want to wear masks inside the classroom. Day 2 of the protests has shown a steady increase of student participants. If the number of protesters continues to accumulate, there is a possibility of going back to distance learning or all protesters will be put on independent study.

I think students who do not want to wear masks should be allowed to have them off and students that want to wear masks can continue wearing them.

— Wyatt Biggs

“I completely disagree with that and if the district goes down that path I feel like it would be hard for students, you are limiting the education of children. Wearing a mask should ultimately be up to the kid’s choice,” said Ethan Brown, a junior at Don Lugo attending the protest. As students continue to protest, the concern of their education rises. With students spending most of the school day outside at the lunch tables instead of in their prospective classroom they are missing out on in-person instruction. 

In a interview conducted with Dr. Wong, he further expressed his concern for students academic achievement and well-being as they protest. “If the students continue to not want to wear or refuse to wear their mask in the classroom we will continue with this protocol all week, it could have a positive or negative effect on academics,” said Dr. Wong. Administration is allowing students to peacefully protest but still have the education of Lugo student’s as their priority.

Administration is still waiting for further directions from the state regarding any updated information on the mask policy indoors. Until then, students who continue to protest will follow the same protocols and if needed will be put on independent study. Only time will permit a more concrete answer or solution to the protesters, however schools will continue with the mask mandate indoors despite the update on February 15.