Don Lugo high school; PBIS bronze award winners


Saslaya Baca

PBIS task force meet to discuss.

Angela Gutierrez, Reporter

Don Lugo’s enforcement of PBIS (positive behavioral intervention system) on campus in the last year has led to us receiving an honorable award. The award is known as the bronze level award which is the highest award a school can receive for its first year of full implementation. This means that we as a school have been addressing behavior in a positive way and are trying to keep our campus a welcoming and safe environment for our students.

When one of the members of the PBIS task force, Anette Deming, was asked why the award is important she responded with a clear goal envisioned. Don Lugo has gone out of its way to meet the criteria of PBIS which includes the application of uplifting behavior on campus and within students.

We want to make sure there is no disconnect between our students and our staff members about the expectation for behavior.”

— Mrs. Deming