A Legend Leaves Don Lugo



Mrs. Hensley at her retirement drive by parade. She proudly wears her new Don Lugo letterman jacket that was gifted to her. “I haven’t done as much for Lugo as it has done for me!” Photo courtesy of…

Angela Gutierrez, Features editor

After 19 years of working at Don Lugo Mrs. Hensley, also fondly known as “Grandma” by many, has retired from teaching. She started at Lugo back in 2001, was substitute for special needs students in 2003, and in 2005 she was officially hired to join the Lugo staff. Ever since then she has proudly flaunted her school spirits and says, “How could I not have Lugo pride, it was so awesome being one school, one family.”

I will miss all the Students and Staff! All the great times we had in our class, my cheer team, the rallies, Homecoming, Proms, and all the sports!”

— Mrs. Hensley


On October 7 Don Lugo held a retirement car parade for Mrs. Hensley in the student parking area. Cars of friends, family, and students were lined up waiting to congratulate her and say goodbye. People gave her flowers and gifts as a token of appreciation for everything she has done for Don Lugo.

Mrs. Hensley did not only make an impact as a special needs teacher but also as an assistant cheer advisor. Senior varsity cheer captain, Brooklyn Franco, explains that she appreciates Mrs. Hensley because she, “Has been such a role model and literally like my actual Grandma.” Brooklyn also shares that “Grandma has been there for me through my toughest times and my most happiest times. I can appreciate everything she has done for me and the cheer team.”

Don Lugo varsity cheer leaders pictured with Mrs. Hensley (right) “Grandma loves all the girls and has a special bond with each of the spirit leaders.” (Brooklyn Franco) Photo courtesy of Don Lugo Cheer (Don Lugo Cheer)

Grandma retiring makes me so sad. The cheerleaders are definitely going to miss her. She has made such a positive impact on the Don Lugo cheer team.”

— Brooklyn Franco, Senior Varsity Cheer Captain

Being assistant coach of the cheer team, she was always full of energy and spirit at game nights, especially Friday Night Lights for football. Often from the bleachers you’d hear students shouting hello to Grandma as she waved back enthusiastically from the field. One of varsity football’s team captains, Cristopher Ramirez, notes that, “She played a big role in Lugo spirit because she always wore her Lugo gear, cheered us on, motivated, and inspired us to keep doing what we loved.”

JT Cortinas, also a varsity football captain, mentions that, “Even though we were having a losing season she would always say something to bring our spirit up.” He, along with many others, greatly appreciates how much she cares for students and supports them.


Possibly the most telling of Lugo’s love for Mrs. Hensley is the loving nickname “Grandma” she is called by majority of students. The name stuck with her from when she had 8 grandkids attend and graduate from Don Lugo; eventually the name evolved and almost everyone close to her called her “Grandma.” She stated how the nickname is “a beautiful term of endearment and I was blessed to be honored with it!”  

Yes, I did call her grandma. The reason we all did because she was like a grandmother to us when we need someone or something she was always there. She is very sweet and kind hearted.”

— Cristopher Ramirez, Varsity Football Team Captain

Mrs. Hensley receives her retirement proclamation. She proudly poses with her family while holding her proclamation. “Lugo was a very big part of my life.” (Mrs. Hensley) Photo courtesy of Trish Partida. (Trish Partida)


With her retirement she reminisces the old times and shares her favorite memory being the class of 1980 and winning the CIF championship in football. Mrs. Hensley will be missed on campus and will always be a Don Lugo conquistador. She plans on coming back to visit so she can still be involved at Don Lugo, “Especially when the students return and Sports are back!”