"Keeping Lugo Connected"

My experience being on the dance team as a rookie during COVID-19

February 10, 2021


Photo Courtesy: Don Lugo Dance Team

Dance team strikes their final pose for their first video performance. They have been working on choreography all year and this is their first group performance. “I am glad to be a part of this hard-working team.” (Angela Gutierrez)

“This is my first year on the Dance Team and the experience I have had so far is not what I was expecting. I took dance classes freshman through junior year and decided to try out for the dance team my senior year. Last year, when we were still on campus, I would always see how all the dancers had such a tight bond with each other, they always looked like one giant group of friends. Watching them perform at rallies while dancing as one was always, truly, mesmerizing. Them being able to dance together in unison was the result of their great communication and their close bond with each other which allowed them to put on a great performance. When I joined this year I was really looking forward to bonding with the other dancers while we got to compete together. I was also looking forward to making great memories, especially at the annual Friendsgiving and Christmas parties but due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, all the events were canceled. So I never got the chance to make those fun memories that I know I would have cherished forever. During class periods we get a lot of work done, for example, working on our choreography and perfecting our technique. So of course the dance aspect of the class is still there while in virtual learning. We have all been working hard for our nationals competition which unfortunately has been pushed back to May 1 as of now. We are not certain if the event will be taking place in person, virtually, or even at all but I haven’t lost hope. It does suck not knowing what the future holds and from time to time I do feel disconnected from everyone else. There are mornings where I do not want to get out of bed for dance class yet I still wake up every Monday and Wednesday because I care about the team. Meeting the other dancers through a zoom call was already out of the ordinary for all of us and as a rookie, I especially felt alienated. I think if we were physically going back to school we would all feel comfortable with each other and I would have created great friendships with all of them. However, as of now it feels almost as if the rookies are still the new kids. The coaches and captains do their best to make sure everyone remains connected but the fact that I have never had an actual conversation with half of the members is saddening. Dance class is very engaging and I do my best to make sure I participate because I will not allow this pandemic to take everything away from me.  As a senior, I have already lost so much and for this being my first and last year being on the dance team, I think I’ve made the most of the experience but it’s definitely different from what I had in mind.”

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