Class of 2018 yearbook submitted; Yearbook reveals theme


You hold the key to your future is the new theme for yearbook. The last day to order the 2017-2018 yearbook is on April 13th. Photo courtesy of Don Lugo’s Yearbook Staff.

Janessa Meza, A&E Reporter

The final copy of the 2017-2018 yearbook has officially been submitted to the distribution company, Herff Jones. The yearbook’s submission was received on Monday, March 26, 2018, and it consists of 150 plus pages all bound together to create memories that will stay with the seniors for a lifetime. Yearbook prices range from $85 to $95, but prices will go up to $100 after spring break.

Last year’s distribution consisted of a day in which two groups were split by last name and the staff passed the yearbooks out themselves. That day included an after party and a raffle that gave the seniors the opportunity to win extra graduation tickets. This years distribution will consist of the same activities but with slight differences to enhance the satisfaction of students.

This year’s editor in chief, Crystal Tamayo and the other yearbook classes pitched themes at the beginning of the year. They then had a week to input votes, which leaves two days of that week to choose the top 5 themes and on the very last day, they announce the theme of the yearbook. That whole week led up to the final decision that this year’s book will be themed: “You hold the key to your future.”

You hold the key to your future.”

— Yearbook's Theme

It has been notified by the adviser of the yearbook class, Mr. Lin, that, “once you buy your yearbook, you will be receiving the key that ‘opens all doors to your future’.” He also states that this year has been one of the most productive staffs that he has been a part of, and this staff has met all deadlines and had no doubt about their work.

The day for distribution is still to be determined as well as the after party that will be going on that day. Seniors can still buy their yearbooks by going to the finance or ASB office to order the book and take a lifetime of memories with them.