Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8; Which one is Better?


Joel Chavez

Google has evolved the Google Pixel into a new and better artificial intelligence the Google Pixel 2. Apple is upgrading the iPhone with an all-new design and wireless charging. Both well known companies are battling to be the number one phone market.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

Google promises that the Google Pixel 2 will be better than the iPhone 8. Google is improving their first phone, Google Pixel, and evolving to the new Google Pixel 2. The new smartphone, Google Pixel 2, is upgraded with new technology and advanced with powerful artificial intelligence; while Apple is advancing in modifying the iPhone.

Google promises users that they’ll get Google Lens, the company’s new on-demand object recognition tool, with the new smartphone Google Pixel 2. Google is also bringing back the “always-on display” with the Google Pixel 2 which will be able to display notifications and the time at a glance and remain primed for the voice command “OK Google.” The smartphone will also listen for any ambient music playing which will try and identify for the user.

The Google Pixel 2 will also include a headphone adapter that will make it possible for users to use their existing headphones with the new device. Google evolved the new Google Pixel 2 with a new Assistant Squeeze Activation which will allow the users to apply a gentle pressure to the sides of the phone to automatically activate Google’s voice-based Ai companion. The estimate price for the Google Pixel 2 is ranged about $649 to $949.

We hope it will become one of Android’s most useful and powerful software differentiator. Plus, with the giant Pixel 2, activating Assistant with a squeeze will work great without needing to reach your thumb over.”

— Sundar Pichai

Apple thinks of the iPhone 8 as an all-new design with the new upgrades. Apple has evolved the way a phone should by including glass in the back of the phone. With the new glass in the back it will allow the phone to wirelessly charge and will let the phone charge even faster.

iPhone 8 images are now more saturated by default, although Apple says that they are still aiming for a more realistic view instead of a saturated color view. The iPhone 8 does not have a headphone jack just like the recent phone the iPhone 7. Which means you will have to either buy the newer headphones or buy an adapter. The estimate price for the iPhone 8 is about $999.

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