The Campus


Senior class president, Luis Vasquez, attempts to recreate the hit show, “The Office,” featuring Don Lugo students. “I’m starting the writing process for the scripts and hope to film mid-February,” stated Vasquez. Photo captured by Mariah Marquez.

Tania Nieblas and Mariah Marquez

Senior class president, Luis Vasquez, is remaking the hit NBC show, “The Office,” with several twists and recognizable faces from the Don Lugo campus. On January 20th, the student released a video via Twitter that received an overwhelming amount of positive attention. Vazquez mentioned, “I want people to enjoy this new project of mine and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

The inspiration came from Chino Hills student, Tyler Manon, who posted a similar video on Twitter titled “The School,” with the caption, “50 RTs (retweets) and we’ll actually start making episodes.” Vasquez thought it would be a creative way to show off his friends and Don Lugo with his own spin that would later be titled “The Campus.” Unaware of the enormous attention he would receive from a video he made “for fun”, he woke up the morning after the posting to 68 “Retweets” and 127 “Likes”.

The video released on Twitter was a teaser with the famous theme song featured in “The Office.” Luis revealed his plans to start filming a pilot next month and host auditions for ┬áthe characters. “The characters will all be played by Don Lugo students, which makes me extremely excited to see what everyone can bring to the table,” explained the enthusiastic director.

Depending on how well the pilot does, the senior hopes to create several episodes including a crossover with the Chino Hills High school campus. Similar to the concept of the actual show, different schools throughout the Chino Valley Unified school district, although rivals, can come together as one to strive for a better “company”. So for now, the Don Lugo community will have to wait to see the outcome of this admirable project.