Renaissance makes the last rally of 2017 memorable for DALHS Seniors and underclassmen

Mariah Marquez

Lorena Cardenas and Janessa Meza

The last rally of the year contained a variety of surprises, such as: the Don Lugo Reiassance Club giving out awards, the theme of the rally being Star Wars, and the annual transition from classes, as well as the senior send-off. The Star Wars rally was MC’ed by Seniors, Emily Sevilla and Nelson Escajada. One of the MC’s, Emily, commented that she was nervous because it was her first and last rally that she was going to be attending.

The rally started off with renaissance giving out the awards for the top students from each class. They started off with the freshmen class that did not only have top 10, but had a list of top 20 students from the class of 2020 because of their high achievements. Throughout the rally, they announced the top 10 students for sophomores and juniors, as well as the top 10 seniors; as well as this year’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Johnny Palavicino
Renaissance presents the top 10 seniors of the class during the last 2017 rally.

The annual dance competition that consists of the junior and senior class competing against each other, is annually performed at the last rallies of each year. Both classes choreograph a dance and compete against each other where the staff are the judges and get to pick the winner. This year, the seniors took an amazing victory and finished off strong with a cool exit. Before their performance, Kashifa Choudry, senior, commented, “It was a fun experience, and exciting. It was something different.”

Johnny Palavacino
Don Lugo class of 2017 seniors get ready to perform for the last time in front of their classmates for the class competitions against the junior class.

“I’m kind of sad, but I’m kind of happy I’m graduating. Lugo has been a really cool place. We have a family type of vibe.”

— Gio Bernardino

The rally consisted of two games that got all Don Lugo students hyped. The games were played in between the awards presented to the students. The first game of the rally was to go on a skateboard and a plunger. The game was formed of four class men with the players going from one side of the gym to the other without picking up the plunger from the floor.

There were many games throughout the rally but one that caught the Don Lugo’s students attention was when one student from each class participates to try to untie frozen T-shirts they were given and had to put on immediately afterwards to show there pride of winning for their class. The Senior, Junior, and Freshmen class ended up losing the competition while the Sophomores won the game.

The Rally ended with the annual transition of Don Lugo students switching into their future class bleachers. All of Don Lugo staff participated in making a tunnel to say the last goodbye to the seniors letting them walk under the staff arms making the tunnel. When saying goodbye, the seniors were showing their emotions to all while walking through the tunnel. Seniors walked out of their last rally, letting the juniors move on to the seniors side taking their place for class of 2018.

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