Mt. Baldy Student Athlete Recognition Night


Here we see the five Don Lugo student athletes that were recognized last week. Their exceptional achievements were recognized along with others in the Mt. Baldy League. Hannah Hernandez shared, “It was an honor to be recognized, and hope we set an example for all student athletes.”

Ian Edwards and Alexis Ibarra

Student athletes Jessika Broadway, Dane Ford, Costa Gofas, Hannah Hernandez, and Meghan Patel were named the ‘Outstanding Seniors’ from Don Antonio Lugo High School. The achievement is recognized at the annual Mount Baldy Awards Dinner where awards are given out on the basis of the student’s contribution to each school, their team, their grades, and sportsmanship. Principal Dr. Cabrera was in attendance to announce the winners achievements and congratulate the five students on both their athletic and academic achievements throughout their four years of high school.

The Mount Baldy elite are students who excel on the mat, on the field, in the water, on the court, or most importantly in the classroom. These students were also recognized for their outside extracurricular activities such as leadership, journalism, and Key Club.

Seniors were given the opportunity to share this event with their families and most inspirational teacher. Wrestler Jessika Broadway chose Don Lugo English teacher and Journalism Adviser Mrs. Deming as her inspirational teacher because she believes that, “She has not only mentored me in journalism but in being a leader in the newsroom, as well as, in life too.” These teachers were invited to the dinner to watch their students receive these awards.