"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

Quest News

"Keeping Lugo Connected"

Quest News

DLHS senior Marcos Ramirez watching the Now And Then music video
Now and Then... The Beatles May Not Be Enough
Nickolas Morales, Features Writer • November 29, 2023

Two weeks ago, on November 2nd 2023, The Beatles released "Now and Then," their first song in 27 years. After giving it time to settle, I think...

Don Lugo wide receiver being tackled.
Don Lugo 2023 Football Season
Chase Davis, Sports Writer • November 29, 2023

Don Lugo's Football season comes to an end in the second round of CIF against Coachella Valley's team. The Don Lugo football team definitely...

The Wish You Well Club making friendship bracelets during a meeting.
Don Lugo's Wish You Well Club
Dyllan Cruz, Features Writer • November 17, 2023

The Wish You Well Club has made its debut on Don Lugo’s campus! The new club focuses on mental health and creating safe spaces for all students....

Black Cat Safety and Halloween

Getty Images
Black cat wearing witches hat surrounded by pumpkins.

Black cats are targeted each year during the Halloween season. Superstitions and myths are the main cause of the fear of black cats. The superstitious believe that black cats are a sign of bad luck and much more. Petplan states, “It was thought that black cats were the cause of bad luck, assisting witches in dark deeds, or that they were reincarnated witches in feline form. The hysteria of witches practicing black magic struck European cities during these times”. Jacson Lardapide, a student at Don Lugo describes his thoughts on the superstitions,” I know a friend who owns a black cat and they try their best to keep him indoors at all times during the month. It’s a scary time to have them wander due to the bad reputation they own.”

How can you help black cats during the Halloween season? It is best to keep cats indoors and limit their outdoor use. Max’s Corner describes why it may be unsafe for cats to be out during the holiday, “A cat out on the street at this time is not only at risk of being abducted, but also at risk of being scared and panicked by children wearing strange costumes, who may shout at your cat without meaning it real harm.” So not only are these cats affected by superstitions and myths, but they are affected by children who are trick or treating as well. The website also describes the violence these cats may face, “Unfortunately there are sadistic people who think it clever or cool to harm, torture or even kill cats, particularly “black” cats. There is no point in hyping this problem and it doesn’t happen often; however, it’s good to remind people this type of cruel treatment does exist, so they will be better prepared to keep their cats safe. ”

With all said, it is best to take precautions and keep cats indoors and safe from any violence or harm they may face during this holiday season.

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