Opinion: Social Media Drama


“I’m 30, I’m too old for this” – Selena Gomez

Coyne Altamirano, News Reporter

Recently the internet has been obsessed with an ongoing ‘feud’ between the celebrities Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. Even after a public declaration of putting behind any bad blood, one simple comment sparked chaos on the internet. Why were these two women who have their own happy and healthy lives now being dissected on the internet for weeks? Actions from the past and photos became evidence for fans that something sinister was afoot. But that’s just it. Past accusations and odd photos sent people into a tizzy defending and attacking celebrities who have bigger things to worry about. This isn’t new either, for instance, the Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine rumor. An odd angle of a recording sent people up in arms over a complete misunderstanding. Now more than ever are people preoccupied with the lives of others.
Never mind the treatment of women on social media. Even celebrity gossip, depending on what the rumor is, of course, is unusually harsh on women. Some male celebrities are shading one another and their fans are quick to defend them, but if it seems like two women aren’t on the best terms, suddenly it’s a war zone. You hear “Well he’s a bad actor anyway” or “I never even liked his music” but for women “Yeah and look at her she’s letting herself go” and “I bet she was sleeping with the director to get that role”. Why is it that just because our favorites dislike one another we need to go and tear down people. If it’s just a case of mild disdain between big personalities, why are people acting like the subjects involved personally killed their family? People can dislike one another all they want, but to resort to misogynistic or sexual remarks about celebrities that they do not know personally is sad.
Unfortunately, isn’t just celebrities either, regular day-to-day citizens are being put on blast all over the internet for no apparent reason. Someone could trip in a Starbucks, get recorded without their consent, and be ridiculed all over social media for a mistake. It’s terrible how entitled people have become behind screens. Everyone has been guilty of judging others based on a clip online, even I am. It’s just so easy to mock others now “Yeah they are insane and awful for eating that or doing this but I would never do that so I’m better” and then spread that message around causing stigma about whatever for the week before everyone forgets.
Covid and the rise of social media have become a plague on society. It’s easy to judge others safely in your own house, but there are plenty of people that would never speak to one another the same in real life. This isn’t to say that people are above all criticism, sometimes influencers and personalities have done something atrocious and need to be held accountable. Let’s say a YouTuber made racist and homophobic remarks, absolutely someone needs to tell them off. But “feuds” between stars and making an accidental fool of yourself in public is not worth harassment and persecution.