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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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"Keeping Lugo Connected"

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The album cover of J.Coles album Might Delete Later where the song 7 Minute Drill is featured.
J. Cole Apologizes After Dissing Kendrick Lamar in 7 Minute Drill
Michael Vaca, News Writer • April 18, 2024

J.Cole released a diss track following Kendrick Lamar's diss toward Drake and J. Cole in a feature song called "Like That," but J.Cole recently...

Devils Canyon, San Bernardino California. Many hikers who like more challenging terrain hike through the canyon.
Body Found in San Bernardino
Jae Herrera, News Writer • April 18, 2024

On Saturday, April 14th, a plane crashed in the San Bernardino mountains. The Federal Aviation Administration stated that the plane was a twin-engine...

Ruby Franke and her family.
Ruby Franke Convicted with 4 Counts of Aggravated Child Abuse
Sam Konno, News Writer • April 18, 2024

Ruby Franke, a mother of 6, and a family blogger, was convicted with 4 counts of aggravated child abuse in December of 2023. Franke's therapist,...

The Cure: Disintegration Album Review

Andy Vella
This is the album cover of Disintegration released on May 2, 1989.

The album Disintegration starts off with a hit of melancholy and bliss. The album’s first song “Plainsong (2010 Remaster)” is the sound of Christmas lights in the late night winter. The song is so brilliant and it feels as if you are dancing in your room at midnight. Robert Smith, the singer of the band, says “Plainsong sounds like an explosive eulogy, it comes out of nowhere but dig deeper [and] you’ll find some diamond light at the climax.” The term “explosive eulogy” means the ability to express one’s thoughts and emotions by speech sounds, but the album itself doesn’t just discuss everyday emotions, it can discuss romance as well.

The romantic song “Love Song” was made as a wedding gift for Robert Smith’s wife, Mary Poole. This is a very popular song of The Cure all over social media, but it is very special to Robert Smith; he says “It’s an open show of emotion. It’s not trying to be clever. It’s taken me ten years to reach the point where I feel comfortable singing a very straight forward love song.” This shows how Robert Smith actually takes time to grow and to reach a place of comfort to be able to make a love song. The Cure doesn’t just have one love song though, they also have another one this is also about Smith’s wife. The song “Just Like Heaven” is from a different album called “Kiss me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,” and as you can tell Robert Smith loves his wife.

From beginning to end, Disintegration arouses a variety of emotions that are both heartfelt and sorrowful, so you can listen when you’re all alone crying in your bedroom or when you feel like jumping up and down when you see something you like. This album can be relatable to all people and everyone should at least listen to it once in their life.

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