The Engineering Trade Show is coming soon.


Josue and Jayzee’s robot follows a vibrant red fabric proving that their concept and test code works.

Artemis Statler, Commentary Editor

On Thursday April 20th, the Engineering Design Development class will be showcasing their projects. The class will be in the library during the school day showing their projects, both to fellow students and to a group of engineers who will be reviewing and giving feedback to help them to improve their engineering skills.

The students worked in groups of three or less to design a product that they could build within the school year. During the past couple months the students have worked hard every day to bring their ideas into the real world. Some of this year’s projects include an improved golf teeing system, a machine learning program that can predict a buildings energy usage and its cost, and a whiteboard that can erase itself to help instructors waste less time erasing and cleaning their whiteboards during class.

One group, consisting of Josue Gonzalez Martinez and Jayzee Pacio, was a small shopping basket that could follow a person around as they shop. After many obstacles and redesigns they managed to build a successful product. When asked about the project’s many ups and downs, Josue said, “Ambition is your greatest friend, and yet also your greatest enemy.” Their project, along with many others, is a great example of Lugo’s engineering program and the drive that these students have to keep trying. Each of these projects use a variety of the skills learned throughout their time in the LEAD Academy.

For any students who visit the trade show, each group will have a backboard explaining the design process of their project, and will answer questions that you might have about the engineering process and about the class itself.