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A mirrorless camera (left) next to a DSLR camera (right). Aneil Lutchman, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Review: DSLR vs. Mirrorless cameras.

As technology advances and high-quality cameras become more available to the average consumer, the advantages of different camera types can become confusing and overwhelming for amateur photographers. Two very common camera types are DSLR and mirrorless.
Digital Single-Lens Reflex, or DSLR, cameras use a digital sensor that is fixed in place. In its most basic form, a DSLR camera has two mirrors, a viewfinder, and an image sensor. The main mirror reflects the image into the secondary mirror, which then reflects the image into the viewfinder. When the shutter button is pressed the main mirror moves out of the way, allowing the light to be captured by the image sensor. DSLR cameras also have a wider variety of lenses that can be used to vastly increase the style of photos you can take.
Mirrorless cameras, as expected, lack a mirror. These cameras instead use a shutter unit to block light from the image sensor when not taking pictures. This results in mirrorless cameras often being smaller, lighter, and quieter than DSLR cameras. An LCD or other electronic viewfinder is used to preview the image before capturing. The electronic viewfinder allows for a more accurate preview of the image’s focus, color grading, and framing.
Each photographer has their own needs for their equipment. A mirrorless camera is the best choice when you need a quiet, portable, and fast camera, whereas a DSLR camera has decades of accessories available on the market that offer a much wider range of flexibility for the particular style of the photographer.

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