CVUSD School Board discussion of Assembly Bill 1314. April 6, 2023


Chino Hills Valedictorian Daniel Moore speaks at the poduim in opposition to AB 1314.

Artemis Statler, Commentary Editor

On April 6th the CVUSD School Board held a meeting. The non-agenda discussions included introducing Sydney Marich as the California State FFA Treasurer, parents bringing up topics of children’s safety in schools, and parents thanking the school board and the community for participation in local events.

The topic being discussed by the community most often following this meeting is assembly bill 1314, which would require school staff to notify parents or guardians if their student identifies as transgender within 72 hours of the staff member finding out. The board introduced the bill and opened the podium for public comment where members of the community can step up to the podium and speak for up to 3 minutes each.

During this period, many studednt’s spoke at the podium. Daniel Moore, the Valedictorian of Chino High School, who stated, “Taking away the safe haven from many transgender kids jeopardize the safety of students who will not be accepted in their own home.” Christine Vicuna, a student at Ayala High School, stood at the podium to say, “…You’re exposing [transgender students] to their parents who may not support them and possibly put them in a dangerous and abusive situation, it is not right.”

After an hour of public comments, the board voted 4-1 to approve the bill’s resolution. This vote does not mean that the bill will go into effect at CVUSD schools, as the bill has not yet passed committee and would require approval from the California Legislature and be signed in by Gov. Gavin Newsom, but it does show how the board members feel about the bill and its contents.